1000 posts!!

Look what happened

You guys talk a lot!!

Kidding it’s actually me. I know. but it’s you guys who give me the space and opportunity to open up and say what I feel uncomfortable saying elsewhere.

It’s funny half of the world thinks I talked a lot and the other half thinks I am aloof most of the times. Well they should be thinking why??

I just discovered this speech keyboard thing so I am trying that and don’t ask how many typos (or speakos) it’s resulting in but it’s ok I will fix that later.

So, I wont go into what how why I got here.

I will just say I am grateful for this window to breathe. This place where I can be myself.

I go through 5 phases a day. And they shift so fast I myself can’t keep track. To be able to vent and express and laugh and cry without being judged is such a blessing.

I have never been this comfortable and confident in voicing my opinion before and this is slowly diffusing in my other life too which is great.

My friends say they can notice a huge change.

And they are responsible for that too. I was talking to my friend today and I told her that it’s you guys who pushed me to be myself.

This sounds weird but this happens you forget yourself you get carried away with your daily life fulfilling what others expect from you.

And we end up leading a life we never wanted and we end up being that’s just not us.

People use us to satisfy thier ego.

Sometimes I think the day I am going to die at least i wont die as a loser.

I will be content with the fact that my life almost completely crashed but i got up and started building it brick by brick. And trust me I have to fight and earn every single brick!

It’s not easy but I am not giving up and this time it’s for myself.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you are selfish. It just means you are not being a pre-programmed robot. Who is trained to please everyone.

Be a great version of yourself!



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41 thoughts on “1000 posts!!

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  1. And the goodness for the voice you have given to people who didn’t quite know how to do it themselves. I know you gave them confidence to take a step into what miiiiight feel uncomfortable. Love you.


    1. why this comment is making me so emotional lol.
      I don’t know I’m just trying to return the energy and strength I got from here. and it feels like a chain reaction I sometimes feel goodness defusing from one person to another. when I got stronger friend around me did too. when my friends are happy it makes my life better.

      getting touched by positive energy is so powerful. this place has saved me. I’m just trying to do something, anything to reciprocate.

      love you too ❤️

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