Don’t let anyone label you! (And some gibberish)

Not really having a good time since yesterday.

I went for an aftar (sort of dinner) and there a lady who I never met before shot a very personal and offensive (well for me at least) question at me.

As it was a formal even i told myself “mental note, be careful with this lady”.

She was giving me a bad vibe. I tried to start conversation 2 3 times because I later will get labelled antisocial but she would always respond with wierd taunting attitude.

I don’t know what was her problem.

Then some time later she had audacity to say “looks like she doesn’t talk much” in front of a lot of people and most of them didnt even know me.

So this lady was first being mean to me and then went on to give an impression that I don’t talk or I don’t want to be around people.

Like how manipulative could you be.

I was literally curling into myself and started getting scared. I felt attacked and alone.

I started texting my close friends. Sam was avaiable. She said talk to someone.

I told her I don’t know these people but this gave me an idea.

I eyed a girl who was actually nice but she came late so that mean lady took advantage of that and already made me look like antisocial in front of her too, it was obvious she felt I dont want to talk to anyone.

So the moment that lady left the table I randomly started a convo and moments later we were finding connections and getting along realy well. Her husband joined in too. So we were talking and laughing already when that mean lady came returned to the table.

I felt so relieved.

B**** I’m not letting anyone label me!!

I was having a terrible time but it was bothering me that a random person shamelessly was giving people wrong impression about me that too in my presence!

All’s well that ends well.

Guys do not let anyone label you. If someone is mean to you just turn your back to them and start enjoying your day with someone else.

Prove them wrong right there!

After this is gibberish..

But it’s not people like this lady who are capable of hurting me. I can handle strangers.

They can annoy me but not hurt me.

It’s people I love and care about, who don’t realise when I’m feeling unappreciated.

I just feel so sad and empty.

I wish people did 10% of what I do for them. Or at least acknowledged it. I’m hurt.

I constantly feel no matter what I do people don’t value it. At least my real life people.

I dont even ask anything in return but at least realise that I make an effort for them? Is that too much to ask?

I’m tired.

And I have this horrible habit of making same mistakes. I know I wont be appriciated but I still keep making efforts to please people.

You know why?? Because I truely care and want to see them happy.

I feel pethatic saying all of this.

I don’t know when and how I will get rid of this self-destructive attitude.


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33 thoughts on “Don’t let anyone label you! (And some gibberish)

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  1. I think it’s in your nature to try to make people happy, and maybe feel that they will like you better for it. I was also like this, it took me a lot of time to overthrow this attitude. Give yourself time.


    1. You know I have been doing this to earn a little place in thier life, or to see them smile, or I admit I do that for attension at times. I dont want them to do something for me but at least show some happiness some acknowledgement.
      I’m trying..

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  2. Ditto. You put your own internal self-worth onto that lady, which was like giving her control of you. And look what she did to you. Better days coming, my friend. I was just reading about King David blessing his enemies, of course, after he defeated them. 🙂 Also, trying to find a new “motif” for my King In Red site……. might get it going again…..

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    1. yup, its sad people response like that when you are just being nice. honestly I was closed to tears her tone was that harsh with me and generally this doesn’t happen. I was wandering how the hell a random woman who doesn’t know me is doing this to me. well my friend later told me some woman (well most in our culture) are like that. wherever they go they pick a target and try to belittle her/him. so this just life I guess.

      to bless an enemy is a great thing to do, I wonder how many of us would do that.

      Go for it I’m sure you will come up with something interesting.


    1. its definitely hers because even in that circle I get along well with most of people even as acquaintances. she is a rare case. so it’s 100% her not me. and even if she was hell bent to tarnish my reputation in the end truth comes out.
      and honestly in formal circles I think before speaking, at least I have that much sense so I don’t think I’m wrong when i’m not participating in crappy conversations.



      1. I know you meant her. I was just telling because I got the news she has been mentioning it again and again that I don’t talk.
        Dont say sorry you were clear. I just got carried away explaining the whole thing. Xx 🙂


      2. Oh, sorry, anyway she sounds very odd. Maybe she has her own problems. I guess if you are not going to see her again and if you are you could talk all evening. But to be honest it’s probably best to put her out of your mind. She has planted the thought in your head. Try and ignore her x


      3. Yea she does have a problem…of ruining day of random people. Randomly being shitty.

        The horrible part is she is planting this image in everyone’s mind!!

        And she has nothing to do with me. I really hope I never see her again. Some people really need something productive to do.

        Yea I’m trying not to think about it.


  3. Mirza, don’t let anyone give you shit ! Be who you are ! And keep being who you are. You are a wonderful person full of loving and caring. The others are the sick people, they have lost contact with what truly matters ! You are also a great writer, so keep writing.
    Eddie Vedder Society

    Have a lovely week.

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    1. i wont get anyone give me shit i have awesome people like you around 🙂
      yup they actually dont know what matters. im surprised people have time to come up with ideas like that.
      well in the end it proves we are way above alot of shitty people lol.


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      1. Tell me When you would like me to put you in contact with Berta Luna, my friend in Dubai. I’ll ,then give her the heads up and she’ll send you an invitation to be friends on Facebook. A new friend is always worth having ,
        Have a wonderful day.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have deactivated my fb. It was just not healthy for me.
        Right now I’m ok with thing but I will definitely let you know when I need to get in touch with her. Right now I struggle with keeping up with my existing friends lol.

        Thanks a lot for being so considerate that’s really kind of you 😊 you have a great day too.

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  4. It’s so difficult, I never know how to deal with people like this. I want to believe I wouldn’t be cruel back because I’m not that kind of person, but it’s really difficult when someone is attacking your character for no reason.

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    1. I know!!
      I was just sitting there numb. And I told my dad and he kept asking “why” and I said maybe because people are that shitty.
      I wish I could find one reason a total stranger would attack me like that. But I have prepared some awesome comebacks for the next time.

      Because this shouldnt have been counted ad a good quality. I’m not raised to blabber in formal situations. So next time anyone does this…they better be holding a shield!


      1. Yea. Me answering back would be wasting my own energy. She probably does that un every gathering because I saw another girl avoid her so Yea. No point in wasting energy on people like that.
        She can take her issues somewhere else.

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