Overconfidence in crisis situation.

Am I a finance director?

Can I, by any chance, qualify as a finance director?

It’s like asking yourself do I have yellow eyes?

Last eye checked Rey Mysterio had yellow eyes and even those were lenses. I don’t know what he is doing these days it’s a memory from pre-historic era.

Oh I remember we had a course of books that dad got for us that had a book titled prehistoric life. I firmly believe my dad’s aim in life was to raise nerds.

Well where were we?

Oh finance director.

So today I checked my mail for job alerts and there was an alert for position of finance director.

Hmm.. what are you guys thinking.

And I opened it in a separate tab.

The audacity!! Pure hubris!!

As I was going through the other tabs containing other insults as I am way too under-qualified for most, I kept coming back to this one as it tops them all with an overwhelming margin.

It’s not the fault of job sites.

It’s my insane overconfidence in crisis situation.

When I registered on most sites it was great depression of my life.

So I have no clue what credentials I added and what skills made them think I can be a responsible waitress too?

Yep, that happened too.

I just cleaned my room as there was biryani all over the bed, pillows floor. A whole plate just took a flight.

Btw biryani is oily spicy yummy rice with any meat, in this case chicken. Biryani is love, biryani is life..

Well moving on.

So what do you do when you get alerts like them. You open all of them and start questing “am I?” “Can I ??” “was I high” “where was I” “what did I eat?

I think I should be updating my profile everywhere with a sane mind this time.

Well saner than the last time.

That’s all folks!

Take care.


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9 thoughts on “Overconfidence in crisis situation.

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  1. I’ve been applying left and right for anything that I have skills toward or things I think I could possibly learn. If nothing else, I never hear back but it makes my ‘applied for’ folder look like I am doing everything possible. If I’m lucky, I get an interview and I’ve had six already, nothing sticks, but I am learning to let my anxiety make me spaz out after the interview so even that is proving a useful coping tool.
    Waitress is honestly my dream job simply cos it was the first job I held outside babysitting as a teenager and I loved interacting with people and earning tip money. It made each shift seem like something to look forward to. But as I haven’t waited tables since the 90’s and my brain damage has proven extensive in the field of memory and balance, I don’t hold out much hope.
    I felt pretty dejected over the one for teachers to do internet home tutoring in English because, ha, I have no teaching degrees so I’m out. But I keep going.
    Big difference between being diverse in what you’re aiming ( or hoping) for and hubris.


    1. Honeslty I was under qualified for almost every job.
      I m sure you must have registered on online job sites. And I know you constantly make an effort.
      I think it just happens when it happens. And it does happen eventually. I have seen people striving for something and the world believing their effotts are useless but then suddenly they are rewarded will so much more.

      I have seen it happening.

      I am clumsy I would be a horrible waitress. And hoenslty I can’t even do babysitting.
      You have good qualities these days every job required you to be a people’s person (something I have to fake) so you have a natural strong point.


  2. Ah. Yes, Isn’t the job hunt fun? That’s what I should be doing instead of stressing over stupid things beyond my control, but. without gas, I’d never make it to an interview. I would love a job with children or animals.
    I also, wanted to teach from home, but, alas, I have no BA and sucking at math the way I do, I can never get one. Good luck to you. At least it makes for good blog topics.


    1. Job hunt is a rollercoaster ride. It’s frustrating and funny. Try applying maybe you get a call for an interview good enough that you try to find a way to get there no matter what. Sometimes when it’s worth it we do find a way.
      Maybe you can still tuitions from home in subjects that you can handle.
      Since last year I have been madly chasing ways to earn anything at all and the post on it is getting long everyday.
      Will try to finish it soon or post it as it is (it’s going to look horrible) but maybe it can help someone.


  3. I get the same crazy job emails. “Servers now hiring!”, “You match what we need for a cashier!” … I think the same things, “was I high?”. I think those sites just pull jobs and send them.

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