Fidgeting ball of feathers..

I hear the short whistles of rusty iron
And my eyes fly open
I see giant hands opening the door
That’s been locked since ages
My feet tread back in reflex
Until I hit the corner
My feathers fluff
And my wings shiver in fear
I dip my head down
And stare at my curling claws
I feel myself furling into a ball again
I gate is open
Swinging and calling my name
But I’m a fidgeting ball of feathers
In the corner of my iron cage
Then I hear the claps
And I look up to see my friend’s faces
They are smiling and glowing
With tears glistening in their eyes
They call my name
They tell me “you’re free”
I just look back at them
With my tiny black beads
I don’t know why i’m still afraid
I don’t know why
I’m still a fidgeting ball of feathers..


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