Pep talk.

“I was going through worst time of my life …”

This sentence is thinking down everyday.

Everytime I’m a few words into it like “I was going th…” my mind stops me and runs a slideshow of 20 unfortunate events that were way worse.

And then I feel even worse, like worse².

Because now I’m thinking what a mess!!

But guess what? Everyone around me is going through something.

We all have different struggles.

When I look around it saddens me when I see the world progressed and moved on when my losses and illness held me in shackles.

It hurts to imagine what things could be like if I had a normal life.

But what’s normal? It’s what people are showing you. You don’t know the truth.

My friend when said something to me and it’s the strongest line I have ever heard. This one line has helped me so much.

She said, “maybe what’s keeping someone else happy wouldn’t be able to keep you happy”.

I keep reciting it to myself when I have low moment like these.

Would I be happy with what they have?

Or maybe I have something better. Something more satisfactory.

We all are made differently. I have accepted I have a bit unconventional mindset and a few torn filters.

And accepted that eventually i have to go back to the same world. As my dad says “swallowed back into system”.

And it’s stressing me already. But maybe I will get used to it.

I had to explain my case to 20+ doctors and fought with insurance companies for my treatment. I wasnt prepared for that either.

But I faced it.

Sometimes you don’t have choice and you have to face the coming turn in your life.

But what if it turns out to be the best turn of your life ?

Just because your life look different doesn’t always mean you don’t have a life and you don’t have chances.

Sometimes you really have to push your own limits and face whatever is happening and tell yourself “what if this turns out to be my best chance”

Things look brighter then.


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  1. I liked your use of shackles as a descriptive term, it conveys how it truly feels.

    I’ve been putting up self affirming things on my wall to remind myself my critics don’t walk in my shoes and have the emotional IQ of bellybutton lint. Can’t say it is helping to change my outlook but it serves as a focal point to ride out the moments of feeling worthless.

    Here’s hoping life improves for all of us to some degree, Even shackles can be removed from time to time. Sometimes it is the only respite we get.

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  2. Yep! It’s funny you wrote this and quoted Brene, as I have been compiling poems of faith for my first book and this is exactly what I wrote about this morning… Crazy! I’ll take it as a good sign! 🙂


      1. Well, I’m not putting any pressure on myself, unlike someone I know, and I’m only looking to have 30 faith-based poems. My sweet wife thinks that’s a good number. I have an account set up with KDP, but I’m not delving into that yet. Maybe before summer ends… I hope you slept better!

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      2. 30 is a good number. Yea don’t pressure or rush into it. It’s your book take your time and patience is the key here.
        You know I’m here if you want any help right?? 🙂
        I am trying too sleep lol not trying to worry about it. This will take time to adjust.

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