Tired..but good news!! No social anxiety today!

First day of Eid is over. Its 3 26 here right now.

I’m almost dead. Like my shoulders are crying because that’s where all the stress and exhaustion happens.

It’s like that floor of building that faces most damage in case of an earthquake.

Well. But good news!!

No social anxiety today!

No palm sweaty heavy breathing.

No fidgeting and slurry speech.

I had a great time.

I was nervous before going even though these are amazing girls but I hardly meet them like once a year. Or twice.

And as expected I dont really fit in. Bit there are a few I can really talk to about stuff. But overall they are nice.

But since I we dont meet often i was anxious before. And as usual my friends were trying to calm me.

Pro tip my a friend “ask people about them or what’s going on in their lives it gets them interested in a conversation”

This shit works!!

And since I was on asking end I felt more confident.

But don’t ask personal question.

And even better. Complement them!

This one is the best!

So this was a really quick update.

I will do a proper post and reply to the comments tomorrow.

I was excited and felt like telling you all 🙂

That’s all folks!

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