Is it worth it??

How big is your battle?

How hard is your journey.

I have seen a lot in life and a point came where I said “fuck it! I’m not letting this happen to me.”

And I picked a battle.

A hard one when I had choice to lead an easier but defeated life.

After that it’s like you are running an obstacle race 24/7.

Today I felt I’m crumbling under the burden of this struggle.

I felt my legs are to dismember and fall apart and next hurdle is definitely going to kill me.

I called my best friend thrice today. She gets it. She gets me.

She listened but for the first time in our 21 years of friendship I felt it’s not helping.

I got up again and started working and suddenly I was working… and crying.

Imagine this! You are running in that hurdle race tumbling tired and sweaty and you are crying like a baby.

Sounds like a black comedy. Right?

I started wondering is it even worth it? I did have an easier choice.

But than my mind played that decision day for me.

Whatever pushed me to the point where I intentionally with full knowledge of challenges ahead, chose the harder path.

And I got my answer.

It totally is worth every drop of blood and sweat.

It’s worth it a 100%.

So next time you doubt your decision and feel you can’t fight anymore, remind yourself of the day you chose your battle.

It will give you strength you never knew you had.

Take care!

9 thoughts on “Is it worth it??

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  1. You’re not in this alone. I sometimes feel that way, but you know, that feeling is a total lie. We are community, interconnected, and beyond that, we’re long distance pals, Stoner. Even the least of your words, lift so many: don’t ever forget that.

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