A random day in adult life!

You get the most crucial calls of your life in the most inappropriate times.

That’s the rule, especially when it’s related to work.

I invited my really sweet and non-judgmental friend for dinner at my place yesterday, thanks to non-judgemental part i didn’t burn myself out to make sure she can’t find a flaw in my cooking, cleaning and home overall.

You have no idea about the crap people have given me when I did my best…like “oh is that a spec of dust, I don’t have that at my home, I see it and I clean it asap!…and why there are so many utensils in your kitchen.”

Well maybe because I cooked the food you just wolfed down!! In those utensils!!

So after I was done with cooking and all I went to get ready.

Now who tell the phone when I’m in the bathroom??

Somebody solve this mystery.

When I am holding my phone in my hand it never rings. All it takes is me entering the bathroom.

The weirder my position, the more important the call!

Well I had my shirt stuck between my arms head and neck me when my phone suddenly started blaring and it hit me This is from a potential employer OMG RUN!!

I threw the shirt there and ran.

Thank God it wasn’t a video call or something.

Half of me was dressed perfectly, even the belt was sitting perfectly in the loops but half of me…don’t ask!


It was from HR of a company. And it’s a good one!

Actually I heard the name wrong for the first time and in the end it turned out to be from somewhere else but both were good.

Still better than not being able to hear the company name. Last time after repeating 20 times the guy spelled it out for me. I never heard from them again (obviously)

The call wasn’t exactly heart attack inducing. Only mild palpitations…

After the call ended I picked the shirt wore it, sank in my couch and procrastinated for good 5 minutes.

That’s how excited I was!

5 minutes of thinking what’s just happened. Then I got up in autopilot mode and the rest of the went as planned.

Dinner, lecture, quiz, then job hunt again with tons of snacks.

I don’t hate it at all. But its tiring af!

It’s a unexplainable point of exhaustion

It’s like when i lay down i feel heat leaving my body.

When I close my eyes I flashes rings and spot.

And next day my flesh and bones wake up at different pace. I’m not kidding.

It’s like my flesh wake up and my skeleton is like..no I wanna sleep a little more.

This life is a journey.

We can sometimes chose a destiny and stop there., but it will be the end of your journey and after that you are just going to be playing a supporting role in someone else’s journey.

If you want it to be yours. You have to ignore the temptation to stop.

Some places will lure you, they are traps!

Keep your heads up and keep walking.

That’s all folks!

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-24 at 11.27.45 PM


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