Smoked bbq almonds and movies

I have earned this late night session of movie and smoked bbq almonds.

This has been one of my most productive days in a while without me feeling I am gonna die.

I checked a long to-do list today and I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

Looked like I have started to embrace this sort of new life.


When my life went through a major change my mind and body got confused.

I have been feeling empty for last month or so.

And now another friend of mine validated my empty feeling. She totally understood. Sometimes removal of a prolonged trauma can send you into a shock.

I didn’t realise in that numbness I was avoiding my health.

And my mind wasn’t accepting that “it’s ok”

So I started eating well.

I realised if you eat more in the start of the day it helps your sleep pattern too.

So finally my sleep pattern is improving slowly. But I’m glad it’s at least happening.

And my body doesnt feel like it’s going to fall apart in the middle of the day.

So bottomline, healthier and full meals during the day are overall helping my mind and body both.

Just felt like sharing with you all.

I don’t hate being busy.

And we all have so much to do on daily basis it’s easy to ignore our health.

So eat well, and smile!!

Love you guys 🙂


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