What’s a good life?

Help your friend here.

Somebody used the phrase “have a good life” and I was left utterly confused.

What is a good life for you?

I want to know what I’m missing.

Please drop your definition of good life in the comments below I really really need to know.

Thank you.

27 thoughts on “What’s a good life?

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  1. Life can only be something that you experience – so the life that you are experiencing right now is the only one that there is. You can’t experience other lives.

    And if there is only one life it is therefore nonsensical to describe it as good, or bad or big or small or anything else that requires a comparison with other lives.

    Life is life.

    Eating lobster and drinking champagne is good. Laughing uncontrollably is good. I would recommend trying to squeeze these things into your life wherever possible.

    But what would I know? I have only one life from which to draw conclusions.

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    1. That’s why I was confused. Who told them I don’t have a good life or I don’t try to make a good life for me.
      I am occupied mentally and physically all the time and I believe in personal growth.
      Then I was questioning is it because I don’t publish it on social media.

      Do you have to travel, go shopping, dine out, flaunt your money to prove that you too have a good life?

      You are right. It’s my life my experiences and challenges for me good life would be reat for a few days. I would love to go in hibernation for 2 3 days at least lol.


      I was wondering how everybody else defines it.

      Thank you πŸ™‚ your words are a treasure.


  2. A good life , is a life where your happy in your own skin… once your able to be happy with your own company, life becomes good because you don’t accept judgment, control, possession, poor behaviours and general shit that people do, (because that’s their issue), ….that’s a good life, accepting who you are what you are and being happy with that ❀️🌺

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    1. Actually that’s possible because with that I was blamed for “living in victimhood” as if i intentionally screwed up my life. So I was very confused.
      Whoever came up with the idea of equating “have a nice life” with “goodbye forever” needs a punch in the face and kick in the ass.
      Maybe the recipient already have a better life than you.

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  3. Yeah, like on dating sites when things don’t work out people say β€œhave a good life!” Means I’ll never talk to you again (hopefully).

    To me it means… my daughters are happy and getting along with each other, all of us are in good health, and we have enough money to live reasonably well. Beyond that is great!

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  4. I woke up this morning, I have a roof over my head, I have my freedoms, I have food in the house and my fur-family with me. I have a good life.

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