Interview update

Yesterday I requested you all to pray for me as I had an interview.

And the you all showered me with love support prayers and best wishes as always

All of that gave me courage and strength to say..what the fuck!


First of all it wasn’t an interview it was an exam. I was literally given a pencil and eraser and an A4 paper to do some calculation of things I studied a decade ago and my job was never related to it.

But since I need job and I’m a quick learner I was willing to go for any job nearly related to my qualification.

But exam??

I wasn’t informed about that.

And when i asked the lady who gave me that evaluation test paper, she said “I sent u the adress”


Well she was total HR and admin department and had no clue of why she even called me.

Well. I told her the whole thing and still told her to reschedule me as I would need an hour max to get the hang of thing.

And guess what she said?

“But next time it will be a different paper”

I literally start laughing I couldn’t hold back. And said i know.


It was an experience.

I dont regret dressing up for an interview and wearing torturous heels for 3 hours. I literally walked barefoot once I got to my own apartment building.

So yea

A valuable experience.

Best part of the whole thing was you guys and dad.

I told dad to pray.

He is been trying to hold back his emotions and opinions as he was in constant fear. Today I saw that shell cracking and he was voicing his opinion which is a huge achievement.

I wanted it to go well and it did.

I wasn’t concerned about getting the job.

I was concerned about facing a situation.

Facing a fear and presenting myself for an unknown opportunity.

So it wasn’t a waste of time, energy and a little foot comfort.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m so sorry I missed the previous post. I’m just catching up on some reading today and keeping low.
    I’m sorry that they spring an exam on you, that wasn’t exactly fair of them to do that. I think if someone did that to me, I would have froe right there on the spot. But, you turned it into a positive way of looking at this experience as a rehearsal.
    Hell, I give you credit for wearing 3-inch heels, I’d fall flat on my face if I did that. LOL!

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    1. I have missed so much on whole wordpress. Been crazy busy.
      Ahaha it was actually funny the girl had no idea how hiring works and they didnt have an hr so it was confusing in a funny way.
      If reminded me of mr. Bean somehow πŸ˜‚ how has these kinda experiences. There is an episode where he goes for an exam it’s just hillarious!!
      I don’t know how long it was but my poor feet suffered for like 3 hours. It’s not that high. It’s a block wheel and still felt like torture. Thank God I didn’t fall, I could tho lol

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      1. Well ….. the HR department where I work from time to time is a behemoth that grows like a cancer. Nobody knows what it is, exactly, that they do or why they are there but they are not to be challenged. They speak in a language (code) all of their own and claim expertise in all facets of the business whilst having little knowledge (or care) of what the business is about …. because …. THEY ARE THE BUSINESS.

        I don’t work for a business that owns an HR Department – I work for an HR Department that owns a business.

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      2. wait.. is it some secret agency kinda thing. first I thought okay maybe it’s a hiring agency but the codes and secrecy makes it sound shady. or they are just inefficient.
        if they can’t explain what they are doing, they are probably doing it wrong. something audit taught me.
        ahah that sounds more accurate.


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