The sadistic menace

Your mind is a trampoline?

Random thoughts that it bounce back into space.

When they touch the surface a spark lights up and you think you found an answer. But next moment it’s lost into obscurity.

And now you are confused. Doubting yourself.

But feelings. They are ghosts that dash through the cloth, the thick veils of your mind looking for a bolthole like mischievous kids playing hide and shriek..I mean seek.

They hide in the fortress of your heart and they are pretty good at it.

They blend into corners and stop breathing until they are undetectable. 

And you think they are gone.

Funny how our hearts are perfectly capable of deceiving our minds.

Few days later when you feel the incident fizzle out, these silly kids start giggling.

Kids giggling in dark corners is a vision out of horror movies, I swear.

Then the game begins

Some days you hear laughs, other days sobs.

And you still can’t see them.

You spend rest of the life living with this sadistic menace. 

Everything you ever felt lives inside you.

Close all your senses and try to find them, slay them, you will fail.

I don’t know what’s the point of this post.

Maybe someone is restless in the fortress.


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