Morning Scare

I woke up and first text I saw was a picture of me.

It was from my sister. A picture I sent her few days back.

Weird right??

After blinking and squinting for at least 5 minutes I realized it was me…at least 40 years down the road..

Yea she used some app to make all of us siblings old and sent us this morning scare.

When I say scare, I mean every alphabet of it!

My heart silently prayed for an early demise.

And I got busy with the rest of the day with the image flashing in my mind every now and then.

Like I’m in the kitchen enjoying cooking and suddenly…damn I better be dead before I be that old.

Or I’m applying for job and.. it better pays good so that I can affort some botox.

Or I will just buy a new face, I hope face donations are possible because I am guessing skin from my thigh or something will me as wrinkly.

The more I think, the scarier it gets.

But then I saw somebody doing the same with Kardashians.

Guess where I saw it??

Google news!

Yes. That’s news.

Is it just me or she looks like Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner)

Or maybe not.

Or it’s the lips?

I think with age we start looking like our parents.

But none if us looked like our parents. That’s even more frightening.

My brother was looking like an annoying uncle of ours.

My sister was looking like an aunt she despises.

I was looking like…adopted..

We all were speechless for hours.

I think it was supposed to be funny but ended up being a shudder-inducing incident.

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21 thoughts on “Morning Scare

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  1. OMG! You had me in stitches reading this… Borrow skin from your thigh, I thought I would pee myself from laughing so hard.
    Eh, the way I see it… I’m already resembling that of my mother now, 20 years younger than her, and the effects are already revealing themselves.
    Hell, I don’t care… But, I refuse to pull up an app to show me aging faster than I already am. LOL!


    1. Honestly cellulite is a real think, can’t imagine what it might look like when mixed with wrinkles. Definitely don’t want that fix of my face even in the grave.
      On my mom’s funeral some of her cousins said that I have suddenly started looking like her. And i was like.. thank God she can’t hear it.
      But maybe you ultimately do start reassembling your manufacturers. I look a lot like my dad.
      Yea please don’t. I wouldn’t do it too. It was shoved into my face.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love this! And as a Seriously aging lady who refuses to believe what the mirror before me shows!! You made me smile and laugh! You made me think * oh wow how beautiful is she still years from now * And I want to shout out loud * Let our wrinkles and no longer perky parts tell our story and say.. We still rock it despite all that the media tries to undermine the perfectly imperfect ones that we are! * love this! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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