Crazy days.

Living craziest days of my life right now!

Havent slept properly in last 4 days.

Have been running here and there trying to adjust everything.

Lost appetite then it made an explosive comeback and now I’m TAZ! taz from loony tunes.

My job requires alot of reading and writing so after work I just feel like resorting to sign language.

I tried to use google speak to typing thing but after blabbering for God knows how long I had no energy to read it, let alone post it.

I’m successfully being a classic dumbass weirdo, you don’t believe me?

Now imagine, I said thank you to a girl when it was she who should be saying thank you so at one point with full gratitude and emotion we both said “thank you” and I wanted to say “please shoot me in the head” with the same emotions.

Then I traveled on a metro train for the first time. And I was so excited I was happiest person on that metro. Like a kid visiting a zoo..or an elephant at a beech..

Elephant reference is more apt!

First day I had a bag

2nd day bigger bag

3rd day 2 bags

In a month I will go in a ship to office! Coz my stuff would be in containers.

And most of my stuff is food. A colleague actually was telling another colleague, I think she likes to eat a lot look at her bag. And I didn’t even feel bad.

I’m actually proud of the amount of stuff I carry.

In case there’s an apocalypse…I can easily survive for weeks! Maybe days because I will probably eat more in stress.


Dubai metro is actually pretty cool. It was getting to the metro station that got a bit complex.


I can see the station..

I’m walking towards it..

And somehow I can’t get to it.

I have major directions problem.

Untill I started following a random guy. Glad he didn’t call police or something because that encouraged me to randomly follow and ask people stupid questions to get the directions right.

One of them was so old he could barely hear me but I was persistent in asking directions. He was at the station he must know!

Well people are actually really nice. I didn’t get lost.

Today I got a little time to cook and do laundry because I was literally running out of clothes. Couldn’t repeat pants on 4th consecutive day.

Hope my colleagues didn’t notice…hope they are not reading this.

Well good part we have shit load of work so I’m sure no one has time to read a blog after getting home.


I really miss this place and you all.

I randomly check when I get time.

Enough of gibberish.

Have a great day guys..

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  1. Omg that was me in the metro last month. People were starting to wonder why I was smiling the whole time but they just don’t remember how excited the train is your first time. Im glad YOU get it at least, haha

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