Social awkwardness in full swing.

Went to a dinner thrown by a distant cousin last night.

As I was super stressed already, my social awkwardness was in full swing..

My thoughts last night..

Did she hear me when I said hello 5 minutes back??

Or before that??

Should I say it again? Just in case i wasn’t audible.

Did I hug that lady right I think I went wrong direction again.

Picture…oh God don’t tell me there’s going to be pictures..I just can’t..

I can’t eat.. at all.

I think at least I should keep a smile on my face at least.


And look like an idiot.

Because my serious psycho looking face could be repelling people.

Smile or not to smile??

Wish i came a little early.. at least i could avoid that awkward head turning entry.. people mist have regretted turning thier heads.

Wish you dressed better.

Why I’m wearing slipper everyone is wearing heels.

Should I explain the host why I’m late.. I did explain the 10th time 5 minutes ago, but I still think I should.

Maybe shouldn’t say anything at all..

I will call her tomorrow…

Maybe I shouldn’t have come..


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