Vanishing content of posts

What’s going on? Is it only happening to me.

I when to reschedule mai last post and its content wasnt there in the editor and when I updated it permanently vanished.

This is the 2nd time it happened to me.

I dont even know what to do now. 2 posts have no content and comments below..

16 thoughts on “Vanishing content of posts

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  1. I keep getting a message ‘ saving to drafts failed’ I don’t know who to contact to sort it out. If I go off the post to look for something, like a new image, the post is lost. Basically I have to do everything in one go. Mens I can’t check facts or copy text onto it unless I do it straight away or add in an edit….


  2. It hasn’t happened to me but I have heard of it happening to others. What I’ve experienced lately is my followers not notified of my posts and I not getting notifications of their’s. I thought they had simply stopped blogging! I was totally worried about some of them only to discover that they’ve been posting the whole time!!!! Furthermore, I discovered that for some reason, I was no longer following some of them although I’ve followed them since I first started at WP! Outrageous!


    1. ughh wordpress why??
      i think i have had all of these problems. people got unfollowed by itself. i couldn’t see notifications by some. then vanishing content.. that got solved there is a button in edtior on the top of the page when u r using your laptop. it showed history of past edits.

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  3. Something odd happened to a couple of my posts – they were parts of my Annabell Riley story that I had been working hard on. They vanished – I was horrified. But then I found the history button on the top bar…and I was able to recover everything.


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