Story Time – Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

So, finally I mustered up all my courage, leftover motivation and crumbling sanity to bake that batch of triple chocolate chip cookies I was talking about.

I have been talking about them for last whole entire week!

Now you guys probably know how last week has been…

1 day I whipped butter and vanilla and shoved it back in the fridge because I was too exhausted to execute rest of the mission.

Now yesterday was a complete mental crash day.

Went out at to this beautiful place into one of the best nights UAE could experience (weather wise)..


But they are right when they say..depression travels with you..

It was like..i’m okay..i’m’s nothing…..all good absolutely perfectly fine…Godammit what the fudge!

It was those moment when suggestions advices and motivational speeches all collide and result in an explosion.

It drained me. I called my friends who are with me and told them I’m taking a break and they all agreed I need one.

I a polar bear.


I slept for a century

Woke up and though maybe I should sleep for another 200 years!

Then I felt better.

And got up to execute pending venture.

Now here’s the thing. I had my own recipe of chocolate chip cookies that was combination of 4 5 different ones and I did some adjustments to my taste.

But where is that recipe…only God knows.

But I used to bake a lot so I knew the process.

So it was much sugar should I add.. umm maybe this much brown and this much caster sugar.. really random measurements..

In the middle I had to place emergency order for baking soda I literally told grocery shop guy please send it soon I’m in the middle of a recipe.

Then I really felt coffee must be there so dissolved some and added.. and then I thought I just wasted vanilla beans but it’s okay..

And then rolled some of them into balls and places them in the fridge.

Took them out after few hours and threw these guys in hot oven.

Now I was on phone with sam..

Me: WTF!! They are sitting there..

Sam: who?

Me: cookies

Sam: what?

Me: cookies are in the oven and they are just sitting there in perfect round balls and wouldn’t even budge it’s a really hot oven what’s going on..

Sam: I don’t know.


After procrastinating for hours, they finally started to expand.

And later some time I had pleasure to look at these lovely pieces of heaven..

O my God!! I can’t tell how amazing they are..

Wish I could share them with the whole world!


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