Haaaalp!! questions questions..

Attention people of WordPress,

I need your help..again..

Since most of us are writers, even if it’s just about writing grocery and to-do lists.

What do you want in your notebook/journal/sketchbook etc etc..?

What size do you prefer?

What do you prefer on pages? Lines, grid, dotted grid, or just blank pages?

I’m unto something just needed to know your preferences.

Thank you 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Haaaalp!! questions questions..

Add yours

  1. I work on three different formats depending on mood. My preference is for blank, white, A4 sheets. However, these are not so practical in certain situations so I also have a little light blue hard backed book – also unlined and then there is the computer.

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      1. At that time in England the ideas around environment – we called it ecology then – were just about dawning. There was a kind of feeling that the pollution was begining to get out of hand. Air polution was the urgent topic. London Smog and all that. Planting trees was I suppose an early attempt at Carbon off set. 40 years on, well some progress has been made. Everyones Carbon footprint matters now! On the plus side, education for the young ones is much more advanced than in my day! Everyone gets the message now. Chris T.

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      2. Feels great to know someone saw things getting better over the time, mostly people say the whole world just moved towards destruction in every way. I agree people are more aware now. they get the point.
        and one thing i will definitely add, people realize rights of every individual, even if they don’t value them but they at least know.
        I have heard horrible example of past where people just let something happen to them just because they weren’t aware.

        So. Thanks for this comment. We need this reminder 🙂


  2. I mostly journal online but keep a spiral notebook with me a lot. I also keep a visual journal with good paper so I can do water based art. And I have quite a collection of envelope backs, flip sides of grocery lists, misprinted papers… that I keep in the kitchen and in my writing room for when the muse speaks. 🙂 Oh, and I keep a commonplace book for quotes and prompts to jot things down while I read.

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    1. we are pretty much on the same page on it. a spiral notebook is with me all the time.
      for art work good page is necessary, i dont have a portable sketchbook yet, i might get one now.
      i hoard grocery lists and misprinted pages, i cute misprinted pages is small notes sizes.

      and there are pencils everywhere! 😆


  3. I have a small flip-notebook for notes, everyday mess and story ideas, plus I have a re-purposed sketchpad for larger stuff, like “mind-maps” of more involved stories. Also have a 3-ring binder with like 8 pockets and dividers, college-ruled notebook paper and so forth, but I usually work too fast to take the time to pick it up, so I haven’t used it in a while. 🙂 Used to make all my notes on printer paper, all A4, also used to use a clipboard.

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  4. I use all of the above but I switch from lined/grids to blank whenever I’m taking notes to remember specific details or just brainstorming. But whenever I draft I usually use lined paper. I’m interested to see what this is for 🙂 I love notebooks 🙂

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  5. Lined paper is obviously the most mainstream and it’s what I use the most. Dotted paper looks cool, but it makes me feel inferior somehow. Too restricting on the one hand and not clear enough on the other. 😂 Blank paper is awesome. That’s what freedom looks like. There is no way to do it wrong.

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