Books by Jessica Halsey

Guy’s next we have Jessica Halsey’s books. She is author of the blog

Here’s her message:

Yay for supporting indie authors! Thank you so much for the opportunity to

  1. share and
  2. get to know more awesome indie authors 🙂

I have 3 books out right now, 2 are poetry (well…one is poetry and one is a weird hybrid experimental lyric essay thing…) and the third is a grim dark, urban fantasy novella about werewolves.

I also have a short story available for download set in the same universe as the werewolf novella. All of these things are FREE and can be downloaded pretty much everywhere except Amazon.

As I said, all my books are free but this coming Halloween I’m going to publish a short story collection that will be available everywhere for the low low price of 0.99 (I’m charging for this one so I can have a book up on Amazon 😉 )

Thanks again for letting me share!



Guys , if you have published a book and you want me to promote it please feel free to drop a little intro and link to your book in the comments below. i would love to share about your book. It’s just a little gesture to appreciate the community that got me where i could never imagine. 🙂


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