Living with Vaginismus: Dealing with the World’s Most Painful Pleasure by Victoria Johnston – Book Promotion

This is important!

This fellow blogger with really cute name blogs at I told you it’s a really cute name.

And it’s a mishmash of really cool (sometimes really informative) content.

So, this amazing girl wrote a book about vaginismus.

Now what is vaginismus?

It’s a vagina related condition that very few people know but a lot of women might have it and probably don’t even know.

I came across this on a forum few years ago and I was surprised that being an adult women I had no idea that this even existed, even though it sounded something familiar.

Well I will let this her tell you the rest.

This was her comment on book promotion post:

“Thank you for the authorship support! It’s challenging, and can be expensive, to constantly self promote and increase audience awareness, so this is a fantastic idea! My book is called “Living with Vaginismus.”

This book is about personal first-hand accounts of pelvic pain through the eyes of women, men and myself. For 8 years, I have struggled with vaginismus and began a blog, The Girl with the Paw Print Tattoo, to spread awareness about this condition to others. I have compiled some of my passages into this journal, along with interviews from others who suffer from vaginal pain.The purpose of this book is to shed light on an important topic and continue to spread awareness about vaginismus and other female sexual dysfunctions.”

You can find her book here =>

Do check this book out!

I’m so glad she shared it with us.

Have a great day 🙂


Guys , if you have published a book and you want me to promote it please feel free to drop a little intro and link to your book in the comments below. i would love to share about your book. It’s just a little gesture to appreciate the community that got me where i could never imagine.

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