Gallery of Stars by Himna Ahmad Khan – Book Promotion

It’s so inspiring to see kids publish their books all by themselves.

This fellow blogger kiddo is just 15 and she self-published her poetry collection..I am blown away!

When I was 15 I was eating dirt.. that was exaggeration but yea I couldst me that determined even if I went in hibernation for a year just to dream!

This girl have been here for some time now, you can read her blog here=>

This was her comment under book promotion post

Hey! I am a 15-year-old, aspiring poetess who has finally realized her life-long dream of publishing her own book! It’s called “Gallery of Stars” and is a collection of poetry about the whirlwind of teenage. Through the four parts of my book, from the Void, to the Stars, the Star Catcher, and eventually, the Gallery of Stars, I express my feeling on teenagers journey from the rock bottom (anxiety, depression, etc.) to the highest peaks of teenage (the teenage dream). It is internationally available on, please give it a look:

Do give it a look! And remember to please write an honest review in case you purchase it.

If you’d like to know more about me or see more of my poetry, follow me on: Instagram: @catchingstarsblog3 WordPress: Catching Stars Author Central: Himna Ahmad Khan Goodreads: Himna Ahmad Khan

Himna XO

Her comment says it all.

Guys please do check! 🙂


Guys , if you have published a book and you want me to promote it please feel free to drop a little intro and link to your book in the comments below. i would love to share about your book. It’s just a little gesture to appreciate the community that got me where i could never imagine.

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