Crane or Crane?

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Someone randomly tossed this question and it hit my head and flew out of the window.

As I have been enjoying the most lethargic day of at least this year, I didn’t bother to dodge it.

And the conversation continues..

Me: Maybe panda. Or a bear, or any animal that hibernates for months. I want to be able to hibernate.

Friend: haha panda. They are cute and chubby but I also heard they are mean..

Me: Sounds like me. Maybe they are not mean they are just misunderstood.

Friend: You are more like some kind of bird I think.

Me: Oh pigeon!

Friend: No. Like a stork. Chinese bird with long legs that wades in water… CRANE!!

Me: O yea.. a crane..thank you!

Now for rest of the description I go blank as I have this crane in my head.


And honestly I can’t even argue.

Friend: They are majestic and noble birds. Thoughtful..

Me: Crane crane crane

Friend: They also do karate moves

Me: A crane that does karate moves .. very efficient for construction/destruction..

And then I googled crane bird and saw this..



Not that bad. Quite opposite of the crane I thought..

Who comes up with names like that??

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