It’s fringe time!

I don’t know how guys cope when you are stuck in a confusing place mentally. Not exactly dark but utterly confusing..

I cut my hair.

There I said it.

I brought my scissors with me as I knew I might need to cut my hair…bangs needed touch ups.

Today I had a mini meltdown in hotel room.

It was like a movie scene that now I find funny.

But I vented out through words. I wrote and wrote and wrote and then I ugly cried. It helped.

But I needed more. Meltdown needed a closure.

Then I found scissors, iron, hair brush and headed to bathroom.

Washed the part was targeting with hotel shampoo. Hotel shampoo sucks btw..

And then hair dryer didn’t work, just like microwave and other few things.

Well I ironed my hair flat.

Took a small portion of hair.

And my phone started ringing. It was dad.

I cancelled the call and that was turned out to be major red flag for him. Maybe he though I’m in the middle of earthquack.

I got his 4 5 msgs asking are you ok and all..

I replied ..wait.

And chopped the small part.

But it was hard to focus…dad why do you have such bad timing..

I had to work a bit more on it.

But then I started talking to him and now I don’t have energy to cut the rest.

Maybe tomorrow.

I don’t recommend giving yourself haircut in an impulse. I have been cutting my own hair since I was in teens so I know this shit.


I’m better. Mission accomplished..partly..

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  1. I have practically no hair to cut anymore – so l am lucky that way, but l used to cut my fringe when l was caught for money years ago – with scissors and a razor – it’s not a good look – but as l was only working with horses, they didn’t care 🙂 Then l started performing my own dentristry that was a seriously bad move!! Don’t try it … no seriously don’t ha ha 🙂

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