What the heck happened??

After countless attempt to help myself I have finally surrendered. Its like you run in a race for days and then you just leave the track and sit on the road side with the banner “help me”

Today I got up and called unicorn. She is a rare human being and a close friend of mine…hence ..unicorn!

Turns out she was tired too, just adult life.

Somewhere in conversation we started sharing our 6 to 8 years old pictures.. and honestly we couldn’t recognize ourselves.

Especially our smile.

Our old smile was like..smile..

Our current smile look like we are having an internal panic attack. Our lips don’t expand in the same curve, its a bit confused asymmetrical curve, while tense lines are drawn on our foreheads and our whole face says “i am not even sure if I want to smile here”

What the heck happened??

First we laughed when we were happy. Those were our last few residual years of happiness, I think.

Now we laugh when we are tense, or because every one is laughing.

Or we have to dilute a situation. that one is so abnormally loud it’s 100% of the times obvious what we are upto.

even our real laugh comes out at a serial killer laugh!

Joker laugh makes total sense to me!

And we both were wearing make-up….AND WE HAD A SKIN & HAIR CARE ROUTINE!!!

Like who am I even talking about?

Now I just twist my hair in a bun, comb out a self-designed fringed and done!

Few days back I used my tinted lip balm on my lips and cheeks both and surprisingly it turned out well! Guys you gotta try it!

The worst torture I could give to my skin was to expose it to scorching heat without sunscreen.. And I exactly did that..for days!

As brown people..we don’t tan..we get burnt, crisp and charred.

We leave home as a healthy green grape and return as a resin..the dark brown one.

And then we say what happened to us..

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3 thoughts on “What the heck happened??

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  1. The ravages of time. Don’t get me started.
    And as for the sun …. years of surfing and cricket have taken their toll. In my youth the girls in bikinis used to cover themselves in oil and literally fry themselves in the sun. An act of vanity they are surely regretting now.
    I’ve never been sure about the whole ‘brown people and sunburn thing’. I used to play a lot of football with guys from New Guinea and they were always complaining about it (not that I ever saw them wearing sunscreen). On the other hand, when I look at the cricketing heroes of my youth today I cannot help but notice that the West Indian guys are looking a lot better than the Australians.


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