You know you are loved when..

You know you are loved when you tell your friend that you are sad and show her your this art..

And she does this..


And tells you, now you are happy.

And it brings a smile on your face. A genuine one.

You know you are loved when your friends put their own troubles aside and make sure you don’t fall apart.

They call you no matter how busy their own life is.

When they appreciate you for just existing.

When they tell you they are grateful for the conversations you have with them.

When they keep telling you 20 times a day that you are worth better and you will rise again.

When they don’t let you forget your blessings.

It’s hard to keep believing in yourself when life crumbles in your hands.

You know you are loved when your friends still keep believe in you πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “You know you are loved when..

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  1. This is beautiful.
    Wish I had friends who made time for me even amidst their busy lives.
    My friends on line are amazing.
    The few IRL ones…grace me with their presence occasionally then for weeks ignore me and say how busy they are. Including my family.

    So, yeah, this is beautiful and you are fortunate to have such friends. ❀

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    1. honestly some times people are actually busy even if they love you dearly. there are friends i really like and care about but i dont find time to keep in touch some times for months. i feel we are to find contentment and validation within ourselves. its hard but this is how life is.

      but yes a few real friends help you get through the shit life is.

      this is beautiful indeed πŸ™‚ i’m fortunate to have you around too. :)❀️

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      1. My only grievance with ‘busy’ is when it comes from hypocrites who have repeatedly expected me to drop everything and be there for them…but if I ask even once of them to do the same, I am being unreasonable.
        I don’t like unfair play on the playground πŸ˜‰


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