Heartwarming gesture..

I have to share something with you all.

Last week I mentioned about sudden loss of my very good friend, she lost a loved one. We requested for prayers and thanks again for being there for us in times like these.

Now we have a tradition I don’t know if it’s Muslim or Pakistani, but when we hear about a death, we voluntarily send food for the deceased family.

As grief can make you forget about getting up and cook something for yourself. It’s one of very few traditions that makes sense to me and I fully support.


So, I wanted to send something for my friend but I didn’t know how to ask. I kept asking her if she was eating, we were in touch almost constantly.

Then on 24th December I told my friend that I wanted to send something to eat as per tradition.

After what she said next, I love her and respect her at least a thousand times more.

She said she has food, and next day (on 25th) she will have food more than she needs. She doesn’t need food or flowers. She said it would be better if I donated in his memory.

They both love animals so she suggested WWF would be better (and I was thinking the same).

So I went on to donate the amount that I would use to send her food to WWF, which was a tiny amount to be honest.

Not saying this to prove my greatness or something.

But I’m deeply moved by her generosity and compassion.

Some times people do a random thing and it moves you to the core and your faith in humanity restores all over again.

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