Drama alert!



I’m so exhausted and yet so mad and sad and … hungry too maybe.. I don’t know.

Why don’t people listen to me when I’m saying something.

Well. To sum it up today there was a huge arguement at workplace that lead to one employee resigning in a theatrical way. And the other one was super dramatic too and was yelling khalaaas khalaaas (the end)

And I was there the whole time.

All of this happened because of one silly misunderstanding and no matter how much I tried to explain to both the parties they though I’m defending the opponent… like.. it was a cold war suddenly turning into battleground.

I have no idea what I’m gonna do.

Boss literally asked me whose side I’m on. I said company’s side, because that’s what you say and they both were acting like kids.


I was like.. I dont even know what’s going on.

God I’m so exhausted my throat and head and everything hurts.

All of this could be avoiding if they had a reporting system in place. It’s a very small set up just 3 if us..those to and me..IMAGINE!!

If they took things seriously this would never happen. They just needed more transparency.


I’m home and dead. Trying not to think much but I don’t know how long I can survive in such environment… but I don’t know if good environment even exists anymore.

11 thoughts on “Drama alert!

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  1. You know how when you’re teenager, you imagine how awesome it would be to one day have a proper job and all(ie me literally a few hours ago) … God, I’m so thankful for your posts because they talk about the exact opposite which is also the exact reality😂

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  2. In the morning all you can do is go back to work and see what happens. Hoping all goes well. I’ve never heard of anyone acting like that before. Sounds like you were trying to be professional and trying to be diplomatic. I don’t think you can be blamed for that. X

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