It’s a mean world

How’s 2020 treating you guys so far?

Dubai won the privilege to host world expo 2020 in Nov 2013 and next they painted it in sky with fireworks on new years night of 2014.

I attended that live. It was something!

So we all are looking forward to 2020 as this would bring opportunities.

And we are here…and we were wrong..


Exploitation… heck yes!

Fraud..don’t even get me started.

I need to be careful as media is strict here.

So let’s just talk with reference to world job market.

When you feel you can do something. You have the skill but you need experience to polish it.

You land a job related to that skill but people make your life hell and block your chance of learning.

That’s something so prevalent in corporate culture that I don’t see it getting better anytime.

And if by any chance your colleagues are insecure.. honestly prepare to be randomly thrown in inferno.

I had plans, tons if them for myself but looks like I will have to fight everyday to just to stay employed. And to do that in ethical manner I will have to work really really really hard.

Some times I feel like giving up. But then I know it’s the same everywhere.

I wish I knew adult life will look like this.

Fridays are off here and I want to stay in bed all day but I cant afford to.

You know what adult life takes away from us?? Choice.

We have options but we can’t choose.

It’s like… work your ass off or starve.

Everyday I respect my parents more.

Every hour every minute.

They did all of this everyday to gave us a comfortable life and didn’t even tell us.

They probably faced worse but now would we know my dad never let me stepped out without driver and now I walk about an hour and use metro.

My mom made sure I ate well and i had everything i needed, now I make 20 shopping but struggle to keep track of my own stuff.

If you have your parents you don’t know what you have.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen but again I keep walking untill I get somewhere.

It’s a mean mean mean world, but it is what it is.

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  1. I got tired of saying the world is cruel so I just started calling anything ‘out there’ outside of my safe space at home ‘the petri dish’. Because out there it is like a plethora of germs and bacteria being grown in an effort to infect us and quash our spirits.Drama, backstabbing, money struggles, traffic, crowds, rude people, people who get joy only by putting others down… It is a fact of life, does not mean we have to celebrate it and shrug it off every single time. Sometimes it is okay to rage against the dying of the light. May not change the petri dish, but it sure helps get some of those toxins that poison your mind out of your system. ❤

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    1. but we all cant live in our own personal petri dish. i wish it was the case but sadly it’s not. and yea everything you said is correct. people believe they have to put someone down to look better and its nauseating. why dont you improve your skill rather than backstab someone.
      well cant fix the world so looks like will have to deal with the mess we are born in.

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      1. I was not suggesting others adapt to my self imposed exhile from the petri dish. I am just saying that the importance of at least having ‘some’ space from the toxicity out there is pretty crucial since we can’t escape it.
        When my mental state is more stable, I’m not the wound licking hermit I am during the depressions and I do get ‘out there’ and do things. Does not change the fact that sometimes, people are just jerks and when you encounter more jerks than good apples…keeping the faith really tests your strength as a human being.


      2. i get your point. the reason im an introvert. i don’t understand people. for work person i can handle a lot but deep down i find a lot of trendy stuff truely revolting. well where can we go then? when u have to feed yourself or depend on other and u cant really trust those others then you have to go out there and face the world no matter how ugly it is.

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