feeling better..just gibberish

So last night I sniffed lavender oil like was some drug and then went to sleep.

Eating and sleeping always works..unless it’s depression. Then u can’t gulp down water and hibernation doesn’t help.

But going on an action plan to break anxiety cycle did help…a little.

I’m not going to think about it, unless it happens. Easier said than done but what’s the harm in trying.

Thanks to my lovely friends who recommended me funny videos/movies, they will come handy for sure.

Right now I just need to go on one-day-at-a-time approach or one-hour-at-a-time approach because even one day feels overwhelming.

well… this is life guys.

They say gratitude itself is one of most effective therapies

I tried a little today. I know people before us had a way harder life. I am using one of most comfortable public transport, google Dubai metro. And still I’m whining because I have seen better days.

But that doesn’t mean these are bad days.

I was dying to get a job. Now I have one.

I used to say I don’t have freedom and people don’t let me do anything on my own. And now I have all of that and I’m being whiny.

I can’t even compare my life to what it was 3 years back.. so yea things art as bad. Just have to deal with this ugly world and need to find something positive which is not going to be easy but I think I need smalls target for my mental health.

I have something in mind let’s see how it all goes.

Well I think im walking back in to the anxiety trap so will cut this post here only.

Thanks for the support as always. I will divert myself as much as I can and let’s see what happens.

Take care xx

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