Girl with the luggage bag

Cab driver: ma’am are you the one with luggage bag?

Me : yea..

This happened outside my office building it’s been raining here for last 3 4 days, along with howling yowling growling winds.

It’s not raining anymore but cold winds are making sure my bladder is empty all the time.

For UAE it’s really cold here these days because we practically live in a furnace.

I went out of building and I knew walk to metro station is not going to be easy, so I counted my pennies called a cab.

Now, I was standing with a group of people waiting for cabs or their folks to pick them. My cab driver parked in a distance and I called him to tell he is standing outside the wrong building and then I heard these dreadful words.

I carry this thing..

Now you tell me is it odd?

Before this, I was carrying 2 bags, my laptop bag and my handbag and it would get too heavy. And I have so much stuff! And I have to walk a lot!!

Few days back I was in the elevator and our receptionist was constantly giggling and then she finally asked, what do you have in this bag?

I said, don’t ask I have got a lot of stuff in it if i get lost i can easily survive on my own for a few days.

I get this a lot.

Today I got embarrassed for 2 seconds when that cab driver called my roller bag (that’s the name I saw on a website) a luggage bag.

Luggage bag?? Seriously??

Today I shaved my man arms in office restroom because I didn’t have time and energy at home. What if I didn’t have my razor.

I have my coffee jar, because coffee machine is empty all the time so we have to tend to our own coffee needs.

2 types of hair brushes. Because..bangs..

A pouch of make up and stationary.

3 different size notebooks.


2 chargers


Sharpener. It’s a bit bigger.

Water bottle.

Dark chocolate.


I dont know what else..

Oh yea usb port.

CD drive

Etc etc.

Now where do I keep all of this stuff.

And I constantly feel I’m forgetting something.

In my old office, colleagues would call me grocery store.

But is there anything I can take out? I always keep thinking about stuff I need to put in my bag.. oh disinfectant wipes!!


So, I’m probably known as “the girl with the luggage bag”.

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28 thoughts on “Girl with the luggage bag

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  1. Well, it’s not cool that you have to go to such drastic measures to make your trips but I admire you for having it all pulled together in the rolling case. I make myself notes on what I need to pack or take along and I still can;t get my act together so…you have that much over me.
    No need to be embarrassed, you’re rocking it!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thinking back when Spook was a baby and the donor was always working so I had to pack her and everything around alone…I needed a wheelie case like yours, he he.

        I’d watch that video. And wonder, oh my, what will she pull out of there next? A hat with a rabbit in it? A portable wash basin? A brain preserved in a jar? OMG SHE FIT THE KITCHEN SINK IN HER BAG!!!!
        Yep, I’d watch 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. one cab driver actually said something when he was dropping me i could only hear “airport” so maybe that’s what he was saying. i just laughed (because that’s what you do when you dont understand)
      tomorrow i have to stuff a casual (warmer) jacket in that small bag..wish me luck!

      Liked by 1 person

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