Coffee-less morning

I must have taken 20 wrong turns on the way to get to work.

My vision dropped to white clouds, random flashes of light and stars….in broad day light!

Needless to say I was yawning like a rhino.

Wtf was I thinking when I decided to leave home without having my morning coffee???

A point came I told myself “don’t do an thing stupid you are most sleep walking right now”

I was in a hurry today because yesterday I was too hungry and had too little food so today I was making extra effort to have plenty of food for a grown adult..for at least 3 4 days.

And then people as what do I have in my luggage bag?

Like… where’s your food?

Then come to office and first think I did was to fix a cup of coffee for myself and now things are clearing up gradually.

Guys. Don’t try this ever!

It’s injurious to health. If your brain cells rely on caffeine to activate, trust me it’s like oxygen.

Well. I will go fix myself now.

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15 thoughts on “Coffee-less morning

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  1. At least you only forgot your coffee and were able to get some at work! On Sunday, I poured a large cup of coffee and brought it into the living room. I only got a sip or two in when my son came over an knocked the cup over, spilling coffee all over the carpet. I was livid! Moral of the story: keep a full coffee cup out of the reach of a toddler.
    Even at the breakfast table my son will reach for my coffee, and I have to remind him, “You don’t need coffee; you have youth!”

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