Dubai being Dubai

Leave it to Dubai when it comes to makes things fancy.

And then just sit back and watch.

We might me having a ton of problems but making a dessert all glittery isn’t one of them.

Presenting you guys a glimpse of Global village.

This is festival that’s here throughout all bearable months I.e. october to march.

Rest of the months could have melted the decoration of pavilions.

So basically, in Global Village you can find pavilions of different countries with thier food, specialities and souvenirs.

I have been going there almost every year … because.. food.

Recently tried a chicken pie from Bosnia, it was amazing.

My favourites that I have shopped so far has been, hand made soaps, raw turmeric, rose honey, real shea butter (this things have done wonders with skin conditions and cocoa butter), cumin seeds and cinnamon. And a long list of food that I dont remmeber but most of it is good.

The liveliest pavilion is always Africa. It’s another world.

Overall had a good day.

I needed this mini break.

That’s all..still struggle to have one normal day.

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    1. ahaha i didn’t take any, and my friend is kinda mad at me for taking it last time. well people dont really say anything to you everyone is just kinda busy taking pics and all. but i get what u r saying. been there. when u just see 2 harmless people and your palms starts to sweat.

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  1. Amazing! I visited Global Village in early Feb and was stunned ! I have uploaded a few photos from my Dubai trip on my blog, ‘Finding the big break’ – hailyshah.wordpress


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