Weather stop being crazy

Can you stop being crazy for 1 day please or I will go broke.

So yesterday suddenly crazy winds started whirling, then it started raining with winds..again!!

I witnessed weird the whole laundry cycle.

First there was rain with strong pressure I don’t know what’s that e even called in weather forecast language but rain was pelting the glass I was afraid its going to break any moment.

Then the terrace turned into a pool.

And then… you wouldn’t believe.

I literally saw it all drying with my own eyes. It was so frigging windy. It went on since and drying cycle.

I am carrying 2 my work jacket and anther.. literally a blanket.

And then I again had to resort to cab.. and that’s how I might go broke.. that reminds me why no-one is buying my book??? Will look into it.


I really hope weather clears up because this month is like 5 months in a month, it’s been so long. I feel jan 2020 is going to last for whole 2020. it’s sucking up all my money.

And then feb..i thought maybe less days more money but then it’s leap year.. like are u kidding me?

I don’t know. I thinking again about those surveys.. that’s used to pay be $9 after filling 20 thousand surveys…

Well.. life..

Haven’t even checked my random accounts even though I don’t believe in tooth fairy and Santa and I haven’t lost a tooth in a long while but sometimes I forget I have random pennies in accounts that I forgot to draw. So .. yea..

Sorry about my horribly drafted posts these days I don’t proofread as these are really on impulse and I committed that suicidal mistake of reading one and then I was questioning my writing abilities.. but then I was sure u guys must be really patient to read crap like that.

Well. Time to go. Have to do some adulting stuff.

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