Another day

I read this and now I’m in stitches. LOL

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Because this was me a few hours ago.

Had an interesting day actually.

I took my sweet time to get ready this morning because I I woke up late in the first place and there was no change my legs and metro would get me to work on time. So it was that painful moment again when I had to book a cab.

And early morning I decided I should try a diy dry shampoo…because why now? We have all the time in the world.

So I mixed baking soda and coco power.. few more ingredients and I was going for a cake!

well. So it kinda worked but then my friend reminded me of characteristics of baking soda and I wanted to rush to sink and wash my hair…but I was in office at that time.. so had to sit through the day imagining baking soda granules eating up my scalp and whitening my hair.

horrid! I know!

My boss was giving me mixed signals about my job status. He would say 5 conflicting statements under a breath. So, I had a feeling maybe he is going through something of his own. Sometimes people just act certain way to cover their own problems.

When I was talking to my friend (not in office hours) we were discussing my mental state. How volatile it is without anything that should be triggering me.

We came up with a few solutions to try to sort things out and pace myself.

I realized how emotional weak I’m. I just suddenly start crashing and world is a mean place guys u can’t be weak.

So I started making my to-do list again. 1 personal to-do list with priorities, and durations of tasks. And it’s nice to look at. Hopefully It will get better.

Sorry for dragging I totally forgot the actual scene.

So today something happened at metro station close to my work. I still don’t know what it was but they weren’t letting anyone in.

I called my friend and told her to keep an eye on news.

With every passing minute crowd was getting bigger to the point people were standing on the road.

Then they started letting people in..that’s where “excuse me” part came. Only it was me doing excuse me in 4 different spelling. I don’t remember the last time I experienced nudging and pushing in crowds. Surprisingly I was finding the whole situation kinda funny.

My old me would have fled the scene crying.

My new me was trying not to laugh hard or it would look really weird.. or was it nervous laughing??

I do that a lot.


On the way my battery died and surprisingly it wasn’t even bothering me. In fact today I walked slow.

I enjoyed the weather, sky, air, everything. For good 20 minutes I wasn’t thinking about anything and just absorbing my surrounding.

It felt great.

Sorry this one got way longer. I got carried away.

Made it through another day..

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11 thoughts on “Another day

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  1. The crowd thing really spiked my anxiety. The part of about enjoying walking and nature and stuff REALLY freaked me out. All there is to look at here is corn stalks, snow, and nature, so I guess I am a bit jaded as opposed to finding it refreshing.
    Yay for surviving another day. You should totally make a cake. Just don’t use it as shampoo. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand where you r coming from. There was a time open spaces would scare me and crowds too. But now I have to oass crowds one after another to reach my own goals. I imagine I am wearing horse blinders when I start being anxious about it and then I just look down or straight ahead. If I look at people this might overwhelm me, and scare them too tbh. So just focusing on your next target helps.

      Why are u walking where do u wanna go? When I start thinking it’s just a path u have to cross and its temporary, you start looking at it differently.

      I try not to wash my hair with cake going to be a challenge but I will try. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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