Dear Sam

Today is a special day for Sam (my bff)

And I’m not there for her because I can’t be.

I knew this day is coming so I over-scheduled myself. My list starts from opening my eyes in the morning and ends at closing at night. It’s exhausting but at least I’m trying not to give myself a chance to feel bad.

Well I still do.

My heart feels heavy so I came here. Because that’s where I go right.

We have been in touch through the day but I want to do this here. Because I am here because of Sam. She told me to start a blog. She is one of very few friends you have been with me and have practically done something to save me.

And I want people to know true friendship exists in this crazy shitty world.

So, girl I wish I had words to describe what you mean to me.

Let me tell you straight. I can’t imagine life without you so I really hope I leave this place before you as I wouldn’t survive 5 minutes without you, 5 minutes is my news processing time lapse.

You are the most amazing, kindest and honest person I have known. And a beautiful person inside out. Thanks for dragging me back on the track whenever I got derailed.

Oh first of all thanks for putting up with me, I’m sure you had no idea how demented I will turn out to be over the time. How crazy impulsive and volatile I can be but you never left me alone. Which literally everyone did.

When I used to completely fall apart you would help me piece together and then wait for me to heal.

I have know idea from where do you bring this amount of patience.

We are walking talking example of good decisions made by 10 year old. It’s funny we understood each other and what we wanted, completely.

I still remember that friendship pact in school ground where we made our rule; honesty and trust. That we will be 100% honest with each other and trust each other no matter what and that’s what got us through school politics and bullying.

I never imagined we will come this far but then I never imagine me this far lol.

Just want you to know you literally mean everything to me. You are one person I cannot operate without.

Can’t wait to be with you soon.

May your every wish come true. Ameen

Love you girl.

5 thoughts on “Dear Sam

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  1. Beautifully said. You and Sam are very fortunate to have each other. Makes me think decency may still somewhere out there in humans.
    Happy birthday to Sam and kudos to you for choosing this medium to express your feelings. I find it poetic that she encouraged you to start a blog and it is on this blog you express your feelings for her. Very beautiful.


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