Hyper panicked!

When for 5 nanoseconds you imagine you got your life figured finally. At least for next 10 hours..

And you can do some poetry because it’s trying to burst out of you, but you dont have time to write or you are afraid you might do injustice.

How wrong could you be.

Phone rings and your life becomes humpyy dumpty.. comes tumbling down.. like, here goes my 6 column planner of tasks, and there goes my coping mechanisms lists..

And you are horrified.

Next you are calling everyone who remembers your name becuase you are having a panick attack and there’s bomb blasts going in your chest like a chain reaction.

And nothing works.

M$*$*÷;=&fu#&$&€#÷£ I just put a face mask few hours ago to celebrate my pseudo-sanity.

And here I am sitting on my bed.

Then I just turned and hide in my blanket.

And close my eyes..

Classic ostrich move, ladies and gentlemen.

Why can’t life be normal for a few more second..WHY!!

but my eyes are closed. All my problem are there but at least I can’t see.

And it had to happen on saturday when the whole plannet is busy as there an alien invasion going on.

The world is engulfed in a chaos.

No idea what’s gonna happen tomorow.

I’m panicked. Hyper panicked!!

17 thoughts on “Hyper panicked!

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  1. Well…. odd and peculiar to talk with you on the subject of panic attacks…. I’ve had my own experience with them although I’m a little bit removed from the bad ones which were back in the mid-90s when I was working two jobs taking two classes a semester… panic attacks one of the most horrifying things you can experience… heart going crazy…. Almost 100% sure you’re going to die… holding on for dear life, hoping it will pass as it comes on you so suddenly & you’re totally unprepared and unaware… I still have them but they are not as intense, and I don’t mind saying I’m on medication for them… so my heart goes out to you…Godspeed to you

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    1. Nothing odd or peculiar about it, we talk about mental health here all the time. Today it’s not that intense in my worse days I have had fits. My bones and muscles would hurt from shaking. And yes it feels it’s going to kill you. My mental health has improved but my anxiety still shoots up with an uncertainty arises.

      Thanks for kind words.


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  3. “Panic attacks won’t kill you.”
    I loathe people who say that.
    Even my minor attacks result in excess sweating, trembling, pounding heart, and my body starts to smell ‘stale’. They call it nervous sweat.
    So even at the in between place where you’re not quite spinning out but you are far from being okay…Know that while you feel alone, you are not alone. Many of us endure this and we all feel alone and bad when we need to ask for a shoulder or ear..
    You. Are. Not. Alone.


    1. Refer those people to me please, I will fix them once for all. I can’t fucking move my back.
      Thanks love for being here, understanding and supporting. I totally relate to all the symptoms and I know that sweating state when your body gives to 2 seconds break before it starts shaking again.

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