Look what I found..


Most relatable picture..well one of the most.

I am not going to keep that password, because..shh stalker alert!

Not trying to dramatize but I listen to my gut and something isn’t right.

We will address password situation later. Right now there are no changes as such.

Well. back to the picture!

Today I’m more like the pizza girl as I went to gym 2nd day in a row so I do need 4 more hours of sleep.

And double of my usual meals..

Working on a long to-do list and scheduling things. enrolled a new course. all is well.

Tried to sort my clothes to get rid of some and then 5 minutes later i was the girl in the wedding gown..

And the middle one..well you all know that Poe-ish persona is my constant.

I switch between all 3 modes multiple times in a day. But that’s fine. That’s me. And it’s ok.

Today I’m proud of myself for standing for my right without my voice shaking and that totally disarmed the other person. I have been this brave after a very long time.

This is what i call recovery and growth!

Thanks to you all of standing by me all the time 🙂


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