Thank you anxiety!

Never in my life I have been this scared of a piece of paper.

…besides marksheets and all..


Remember I was going to work on a to-do list and my friend gave me a suggested one to I planned to consolidate the two.

So I took out my notebook and pencil in the food court, as I went out to treat myself for taking a solid stand and speaking up. And I wrote down points from both the lists..

Little did we know, it will turn out to be something similar to a grocery invoice.

And then THAT happened.

It robbed my tiny moment of hard earned peace.

I came home and tried to believe this never happened. Sometimes denial becomes your coping mechanism.

I tried to sleep but my eyes would automatically pop open.

Then I was pacing in the hall..

Then got exhausted and came to bed again but no trace of sleep.

And then you already feel you won’t be able to accomplish any of it.

Sad when trying to get your shit together ends up overwhelming you.

Thank you anxiety!

P.s. dont worry I actually know how to fix this. I will highlight 2 3 task and focus on only that for 1 day. I got this!! But right it wont let me rest. It will pass soon tho.

10 thoughts on “Thank you anxiety!

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    1. but cruelest years don’t die. no matter in which unlit caves we hide them they keep breathing there. In a way they become part of that darkness, you cant see them but they exist. like shadows in dark. it takes one spark to see them.

      thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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