Ping pong with anxiety

This is what a night of anxiety does to you.. you wake up like you have been ploughing a field.

I slept overwhelmed and I woke up overwhelmed.

With that daunting list still lying next to me.

I called my friend who is literally more like a therapist and she did her thing. Didn’t really work tho.

But she kept reminding me to stick to do something. Because one you start thinking.. it’s over for you.

So I took that long list and picked 6 small most urgent tasks for today. That was a pretty sensible approach.

First I was looking at pennywise now I was looking at casper.

It’s hard when random thoughts start to bounce in your head and you start playing ping pong with them.


To avoid thinking about them I went to gym because.. endorphins.. and fat!

Gym has helped me overcome a fraction of social anxiety too because when you go there everyday and do you thing with the knowledge that you are there with random people.

So I just went to a treadmill and started my snail-paced walk.

Someone was there on the treadmill to my left. 

Now I don’t really look at people. This is weird. I just get to see a glimpse where at most I can know gender of a person, that’s all.

So I was just listening to music and dodging anxious thoughts when I heard a women’s voice. One glance to the left and I saw a lady was talking to the guy on next treadmill, her one hand rested on her hip…umm..looks like and argument..mental note “don’t look at to your left”

Now in between music I’m hearing their voices and it was some other language.

After my fixed time I switch to elliptical and this is where thing get hilarious.

I notices a third voice.

Close to quack of a duck. It was on a fixed interval on a perpetual loop.

So now I’m listening to music..da dada dada (their argument kinda heating-up) and quack quack.

Took me at least 5 minutes to realize it was from my elliptical. I tried really really hard not to laugh.

well.. that helped diverting my anxieties.

I’m done with most tasks on casper list. Including a small digital marketing course.

And guess what. Today is my twitter anniversary!!

I have no freaking clue how that works!

Guys connect with me there too @nfmirza



10 thoughts on “Ping pong with anxiety

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  1. I once described my racing thoughts to a doctor as trying to hit dozens of rapid fire ping pong balls with one paddle.

    Needless to say, I am not good at sports so even if I had tentacles and more paddles, I’d still lose that battle. ;P

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  2. I can´t relate to the anxiety but at the end you did laugh, so that’s the important thing. Actually there are studies that laughter makes people live a happier life. By the way it was kind of hilarious that you got to the point that you thought that a physical person was talking to you and it ended up being that thing you were listening to.
    TS is now my moto Try to Simile.
    Have a great weekend Stoner.

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    1. There was actually a physical person talking to the person on next treadmill. There was a couple fight going on in the gym.

      You are right about trying to smile. A friend once said tell yourself I’m happy untill you actually feel happy. Fake it till you make it kinda thing.

      You have a great day too 🙂

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