Life.. -Poetry

They are crawling under my skin again
My world is turning gray

Am I actually weak and naive?
Or life’s getting harder day by day

My mind tells me “push yourself”
My heart urges me to pray

I don’t know what to do anymore
I am watching my patience drift away

Last night I was pacing like crazy
Tonight I’m just a figurine of wet clay

I don’t know what’s happening anymore
My senses have started to betray

I think I heard snapping of my sanity
Or it was another false alarm, can’t say

My world is clouded with confusion
And lies, with strong stench of decay

I can’t see my next step anymore
I didn’t have a direction, anyway

Tonight I’m waiting for next storm
Letting my mind wander, swirl and sway..

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32 thoughts on “Life.. -Poetry

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  1. I find this beautiful in how it portrays the ugliness of how emotions play out. The world wants our emotions to equal rainbows and sunsets but sometimes, the portrait is less that and more this. ❤

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      1. Maybe try a dog then. No offense to cats or cat-lovers, but dogs are more playful and help in cheering people. Though I guess that I’m no one to say bcs I have neither. 😅- and want both…

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