Happy tired :)

How many family members I have talked to just today.. I lost count.

My grandparents. An aunt. dad. Sam. A sis… etc etc

Well I got call from my grandpa and it’s always funny and hilarious, as my grandparent (mom’s parents) live in another country (besides where I live and where my dad. Ok it’s Australia!) so they have a phone call day kinda system.

That day they try to cover as many grandchildren and as many topics as possible.

And I’m not kidding when I say I always have to call back to complete my sentence because they end it so abruptly.

And they shuffle information of those calls like they will give me bits of information about 5 more relatives they called before me and in the end you can never piece together actual story.

And the last call was with my baby sis. Now this monkey is one of those sis who never grow up. Like she’s still 6 or 10 max.

But we laughed so hard that I have no memory of what we were laughing about…partly because we all have donkey laugh and we laugh at our own jokes so the next person can barely understand.

So it’s not about jokes..it’s because of the way we laugh.

And our 2 years old niece laughs the same way with is absofuckinglutely hilarious. I can’t.. it’s laughter therapy.

Making plans of a quick visit.

I need them.

I really need a break.

Meanwhile let my bosses deal with the corporate fall-out of the century. I don’t think it’s getting sorted any time sooner.

And I have clearly told them I don’t want to be a part of it.

Didn’t have a very productive day, don’t even know where my list is.

But all the love and laughter.. it was worth every minute.

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