Going home

You know you have hit brand new level of demented with you catch yourself bing watching beachheads extraction videos on insta..

I was in trance..hypnotized!

When I realized I am watching the grossest most disgusting thing ever, I knew I need help asap..after finishing that on-going video…

I have been someone who gets grossed out by a bio book..so wtf even happened..

So I’m making a trip to planet of monkeys (home)

I literally have one and a half day to prepare.

Since i have rocked horrendous airport looks in past, we have one task less to worry about.

There’s going to be a lot of surprises and celebrations. Might help bring my sanity level to a relatively normal degree.

I heard my little niece is quite a terror but kids are terrified by me in general so I don’t know who is going to win here.

My WordPress family, thanks for all the love, support care, guidance help and every feeling you extend towards me. You guys always try to fill the gaps left intentionally or unintentionally.

Honestly..very honestly..i wouldn’t be able to make it if I wasn’t here.

Every time I go home I remember those night you all stayed with me.

So thanks a lot for everything you all do for me.

You guys are the best.

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