Sanded to last layer

When was the last time I came here. Feels like a few months at least.

So I left home for the airport and for the first time took metro. Now, here I must appreciate Dubai metro service because a person like me wasn’t lost for a moment (this was the surprise element)

But wait.

How can things go that smooth. I was waiting for elevator at metro station and I turned and a saw a kid and smiled. Because I read somewhere you should smile at kids and dogs.

Only wasn’t a kid.

It was a short person. It took me a few seconds to realize and then I was doing mental toss wishing for death or disappearance.

Well I had to catch a flight so trauma could wait for a few hours.

Once at home.. you are at home!

And there is no words to describe the level of comfort you get when you feel home.

2nd surprise, my brother has conquered my room.

I asked him, but it’s black purple and grey..

He answered “at least its not PINK” (2nd option was pink.

I got to he is living in my room when I saw a hair spray on my dressing.

Now this hair spray has a history.

It’s epitome of class and manhood of every 18+ guy around me.

It’s one of those product they all resort to after trying hundreds of classier higher brand products.

It’s dirt cheap and works. They can pass through a tornado and their hair styles wouldn’t budge. Every freaking strand in it perfect place.

So yea that told me who is new resident of my room.

Because until that time I didn’t go to the bathroom.

That was another world.

And today was Friday. It’s important day for us Muslims.

It’s like Sunday for christians. Hope I’m explaining right.

So. On Friday if you have big family. It’s chaos. Everyone has to iron clothes at the same time.

Everyone has to get into shower the same time.

So I had no other option that using my ex-bathroom.

And my brother’s toiletries.

I had to twist shower to at least 90 degrees so that it would start showering me rather than a wall. We have total 1 foot 1” difference in our heights.

His shower gel is the stuff you wash truck tires with.

And face wash smells like hospital. And it was a scrub so I feel my pores are intensely cleansed. It can be also used to sand walls before a fresh coat of paint.

I won’t even get to his colognes. If I use it I’m sure my grave is going to smell like it. It’s not going anywhere.

Needless to say I feel squeaky clean and sanded to the last layer of skin.

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