Disappointed but okay..

Today was a gloomy day.

But I think I needed to be disappointed like this.

First I have been hurt by people who really didnt mean to hurt me, but their actions still did.

It’s a tragic situation and I got concerned about them and how are they navigating through life. Becuase they clearly don’t know what’s out there in the world.

And I know it’s not nice to burst thier bubble either.

I really pray they don’t have to face the shrewed world.


But then something hit me and I was looking at my own to-do list.

There’s so much to do..SO MUCH. It always ends up overwhelming me but I somehow managed to keep my shit together this time.

Then I got a message that sounded too mean. I wrote a reply filled with complaints and anger. It was a sad mad messege. I read it. Re-read it and re-read it again.

And then deleted it.

Not today.

I have limited energy and a set number of hours in a day.

I’m already late, I have a lot to catch up on.

It’s still a sad mad gloomy day but it’s not worth explanations anymore.

7 thoughts on “Disappointed but okay..

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  1. Dear Mirza. Please leave people behind who are negative. Surround yourself with good news and positive people. You’ll learn to build up hope and face every new day with sunshine in your heart even if the sky is overcast. Chin up, hang in there. Sending you yesterday’s warm sunshine ☀️, today was rainy, so I wrote to fight off the gloom and watched uplifting videos on UNICEF website, and fun old Black and White films. Read Billy Collins poetry too, listening to Nina Simone. Hope your week starts again tomorrow on a brighter note. Take care.

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    1. i love the energy of this comment i can feel it here. thank you so much for always bringing warmth in cold nights. someone else recommended billy collins poetry too, i will check it out.
      I’m good. all is well. it’s just life throwing something or other but we will keep moving on. that’s how it is.
      thanks again 🙂

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