I see…fog..😭

Oh God!

I literally wore out my eyes and left-over brain cells.

I can hear and process 5% of conversations (partially because of hoarding of ear wax for decades)

Can’t smell anything..well that’s because my sinuses are fucked.

And my vision.. I feel I’m in a cloud.

I have been glued to screen for last few days and playing around formatting, actually formatting was playing around with me.

Today I tried to print a few sample pages and only then I felt it’s getting somewhere.

Otherwise it felt like running on a treadmill. And I wasn’t even losing weight.

Oh did I tell you I gained 4 kgs in last 10 days? Yep. That happens with you are home!


Right now focus on manuscript.

I had to keep my laptop aside for at least few hours as I literally was seeing fog.

And then I did a brave thing. Told my siblings I’m working on paperback version and showed them those pages.. it was like walking into a cave full of bats.

They have been gang-roasting me all day.

But okay.. I will wait for my turn.

Dad’s memory issue is getting funny. Well we are trying to keep it funny when we know it’s not.

When you have a loved one dealing with mental disorders, always keep that fact in your mind so that you can discount anything that you don’t like.

But make sure you never show it!

They should never be reminded of their illness. Living with one is traumatic enough already.

Be a bigger person.

I forgot why I came here.

Well I am setting deadlines or I will get stuck in formatting process forever.

Pray for me guys.

3 thoughts on “I see…fog..😭

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  1. Today, my friend likened life to running on a treadmill and never getting anywhere. I agreed and said, “And we’re not even losing weight!”
    Great minds and that stuff πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the book formatting, it sounds tedious and traumatic.


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