Self-publishing rant 😡🤬😭

I asked Amazon about availabily of my book and this was the reply


Are you serious??

I got the same reply when I was going to published my ebook last year.

For God knows what reason I thought paperback will be available to these countries. How’s my friends and family going to buy my book I have no fucking clue.

And honestly I work on paperback for them specifically.


It just makes no sense we can buy everything from amazon but not books from indie authors, for few days amazon last year confused my location as US, since I ordered some stuff to be delivered there but I was only lucky for a few days. I bough some ebook of fellow writer but then I couldn’t.

I don’t know why things are so hard for writers. This is crazy!

And unfair on so many levels!

I will be considering some other forum soon but this is highly disappointing.

I don’t know why I made all this effort I literally squeezed out time second my second to work on it.

I’m exhausted sad mad and lost!

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  1. I can only imagine how frustrated and defeated this has made you feel since the entire project was to ensure your family in those locations could purchase the book.

    Just take pride in all the work you did, and don’t let this get you down too much. Just one more of life’s flaming hoops to jump through. At least at the end of day you get be proud you are a published author. Has to count for something. ❤

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    1. Is that why I can’t find your books at all? Previously I could at least search for them but couldnt buy. Now I cant even see them. Idk if it was 1 book or more.but yes I have heard their blocking stories and nobody can reason with them.
      You just get stuck on one point. 😔

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    1. I think that’s going to be last option if nothing else works and I already have a small number of friends who know about my book so its doable. But my book not being available in my places of residence doesnt feel nice.
      Thanks for helping.


    1. I don’t even know how to reason with them they have different policy for people of Pakistan and Mideast and honestly it makes no sense Amazon has a considerable number of customer base for everything from these countries except self-published books. This is unfair.


  2. Would the published work (hard copy)be censored/banned in Pakistan and UAE, as well? Sounds like Amazon is bowing to censorship of the printed word and this is patently unfair on all levels. Personally, I don’t care for Amazon but I have self-published my poetry book “Life at the End of the Rainbow” on its platform. I have had extremely dismal sales and now I am wondering if someone has been denied the right to order it. Your experience has made me wonder if a person in Pakistan or UAE wanted to order my book would that person be denied the right to read my work? Is Amazon aiding censorship? It is an American corporation and should understand freedom of speech and freedom of the free exchange of ideas. What publishing platforms are available in Pakistan and UAE? I am truly sorry. I would absolutely support you in your right to self-publish your work. Your voice should not be stifled! That is censorship and is really, really not acceptable. Why would Pakistan and UAE not allow the free exchange of ideas? Free exchange of ideas makes for a beautifully creative world. Let me know how I can buy your book and I will buy it! Best wishes.

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    1. Well I have a bad news for you. It’s not about censorship, there’s a very long lost of countries they dont cater to at all!

      It not me or my work or 1 country..its a whole frigging list! I will share it soon.

      Now it has 2 problems; 1 as author you book is only available to a limited market losing potential sales, as readers if you unfortunately reside in these countries you cannot buy amazing works by most indie authors/self-publisted authors. It’s not good for both.

      For sales it doesnt matter what you have inside the book, that reader will know after buying it. You have to market your book and amazon doesnt help there.

      You know what’s tragic? It let’s us buy everything else from amazon! I have ordered all sort of stuff from slime to skin care to gadgets and never had a problem then why not books??

      It makes no sense.

      I got to know the first time from a girl who had to go for a local publishing house in the end.

      If they don’t facilitate us what else we are supposed to do?


  3. Thank you for the information.I would definitely like to see the list. It isn’t fair because we spend our money on Amazon products, yet they have some sort of controls. I don’t like that at all. I am considering removing my book from their platform and using a local publishing house.
    I wonder what their criteria is for their decisions to limit our potential customer base. It sounds insane.
    I am considering no longer buying anything from Amazon.I think they are forgetting that we as the customers have power to refuse their services. If we refuse to buy from them, then how long will they be successful? We as customers control the purse strings. We forget that. Companies are only as powerful as we the customers permit them to be.
    You’ve really got me to thinking and reconsidering my association with Amazon.

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    1. Also, I can confirm that your book is available for purchase in Kindle edition except for the following countries.

      United Arab Emirates
      Burkina Faso
      Brunei Darussalam
      Gambia, The
      Iran, Islamic Republic of
      Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
      Palestinian Territories
      Saudi Arabia
      Sierra Leone

      This is the list they provided one year back and their answers are still the same.

      I have tried to ask them a reason, they dont have any. And I even ask them what can I do to help as I know there are more people like me. I’m sure they wont have an answer to that too.

      I wouldn’t jump to a decision yet. I have earned royalties of $74 already just a few more and then I will hit threshold to get my first check. Once I get that, I will look into other options.
      Amazon is huge, we wont be able to even scratch a dent in their sales. You have to weigh the whole situation ” are we going to unknowingly cause a loss to ourselves?” As we can’t really do anything here. So best strategy would be to see if we are getting anything out of it, if not we, we need to move on.


  4. Wow! That’s a lot of potential readers. I got my first royalty check at the end of each month that a reader bought it. It was only around 2.74 U.S. dollars but I did not have to wait until I reached a threshold. I think you should investigate why you are required to meet a threshold. I didn’t have to wait for that. You have brought up some very thought-provoking issues. This is the reason that free exchange of ideas is so very important.

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    1. We are required to meet threshold as they dont do bank transfer to these countries. Again makes no sense and they have no reason. I just think maybe for them it’s a smaller market and it’s not cost effective to cater to these markets. Just guessing.
      I have to reach $100 threshold to get my first check and I’m close. Will get it soon InshAllah.
      But they do have lot of issues to address.

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      1. Sorry to hear that Amazon is making this so difficult, but you’re probably right-it is a smaller market and everything seems to be about the profit margin in this world. Just a thought, have you considered researching publishing platforms that specifically cater to UAE, Pakistan and that part of the world? I am wondering if maybe that would be an option to reach your friends and family. I know I would love to read your work. I spent a lot of time writing my poetry book so I can relate to that artistic frustration when all a writer truly wants to do is reach readers. God bless.


  5. Dealing with Amazon is like banging your head against a wall. Like was said they get stuck on one point and then they start repeating themselves over and over not actually having a conversation about issues.
    If you as the author have the ability to buy cheaper copies through them so you can resell them yourself then that is probably your best option. You will earn nothing on royalties but if you sell them for the value you would online you end up making alot more money. Although not ideal at least people will know where to come to get a book or even better you will have material on hand to do an event and be able to sell books afterward. It does give options.
    Myself I have lost faith in the Amazon Kindle platform overall for moving my own book. Lol next time I will seek for a traditional publisher and see what the hoops to jump through are there.

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    1. I have been mailing them back and forth and their answer is just the same. Same as 1 year back. There is no difference just rephrased statements.
      But I will keep on digging and much info as I can. Their discussion forum is helpful in some cases.

      I am not sure if I can deliver it to me even as an author, since they don’t cater to entire region. But if I can, it will come as tag of “not for sale”.
      Still it’s not a bad idea if I get them printed and try selling by myself.
      Traditional publishing has it’s own problems. A friend was getting far lesser royalty and no effort to sell the book. Maybe if it’s a renowned publishing house things are different.

      Thanks a lot for suggestions 🙂


  6. So sorry to hear about your plight. Forgive me if I’m being daft, but are you not able to publish your books through Or do you mean they don’t ship to those countries? Can you convert them to ebooks? Sorry if my questions are silly – I’m just trying to understand the problem. I have recently published 4 paperbacks and 3 ebooks with KDP and I am the most un-techy person. But I agree that KDP are very confusing. I’m happy to help if I can.


    1. That’s so kind of you. I’m able to publish my books through Amazon, but they are not shipping to most asian and middle eastern countries.
      I have my book in paperback and ebook both. Both versions are on amazon right now but there delivery problems doesn’t make sense to me. I couldnt order my own author copies or proof copies.
      I might consider another publisher in future. Publishing process is not an issue in fact kdp website has been incredibly user friendly but availability of the book and then payment of royalties are big issues, I have to reach $100 threshold and then they will send me check after 60 days.. it sounds like forever.


      1. Oh I am so sorry. Thank you for explaining. That is so frustrating for you. Like you say, this makes no sense if you are able to order other items from them. I hope you find a suitable alternative publisher who will not put these obstacles in your way. What is your book called? I’m sure if enough people make enquiries, they will take notice. It’s all about money to them. I wish you every success in finding another publisher in the meantime.

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      2. Swinging Sanity by N.F. Mirza

        I have been asking for 1 and half year, they clearly said they can’t make an exception. And I don’t too much as they tend to freeze/deactivate/block accounts of indie author on minor issues. So right now not stressing over it 🙂

        I am already considering smashwords.


      3. Everyone except the list of countries they offered, can order these books.
        Blog friends have been very lond and supportive in this whole process. A friend from us got paperback and made video to show me how it looks like. That’s so heartwarming.
        I enrolled in kdp select and then schedule free book promo. They let u do everything, only delivery and payment is problem.


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