Overwhelmed with cuteness

What’s more embarrassing then getting kicked out of your own room by a 2 year old??

Honestly a lot of things, but this is a separate genre of insult.

And what’s more adorable than a 1 day old baby sleeping on you like a sea otter??

Just like this.

I don’t think there’s any.

Got blessed with a brand new little niece and it’s such a blessing.

She looks like the most adorable thing that can ever exist.

I got to spend her first night with her at hospital as an attendant and its going to be one of most memorable nights of my life, EVER!

She slept on my like an otter and I was looking at her mom just like in the picture…like when are you getting better??

After crying and keeping me up for whole night she gave me the most innocent look and I was wondering how do you tiny people pull THIS off??

Well. Going through quite a lot of random emotions at the same time. Our home looks like a zoo and I feel like a zookeeper, spending time with 3 generations and handling my random emotions.

Will drop by here when I get a chance.

Take care everyone 🙂

8 thoughts on “Overwhelmed with cuteness

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  1. Congratulations Auntie!

    I remember the second night after my son was born, he cried all night. My wife and I, punchy as hell, were doing laps around the maternity ward trying to calm him down. The next morning when we told the nurses about the ordeal, they casually mentioned that all babies did that the second night. I was like “Really!? They couldn’t have warned us before!?” Now we know for the next time.


  2. Cherish every moment because the cliche ‘they grow up too fast’ is true. Mine barely hugs me now that she is a whole ten years old and everything is just, “MOM, you don’t know anything!”
    Oh to have my sweet little baby back in my arms even if she cried all night…
    Congrats, dude 🙂


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