Avalanche of gibberish

Nothing imp here, avoid this post if you have limited time to read.

How many of you feel that the quality of thier blog has gotten worse over the time. I have been feeling this way for last few months. Everytime I look at categories on my blog and my initial posts, I feel I was posting a better quality content back then.

Now, it seems I just talk about myself, my day, my problems…it’s just me talking all the time. I come of as a self-centered person myself.

I am not able to read fellow bloggers work regularly. I miss comments and forget to reply them. I just remembered a comment I had to reply to 5 months back. It’s in my mind but I somehow keep forgetting.

It’s been an extremely busy year. If I was under the rubble before that, last year was trying to move and crawl. I still havent completely been able to walk on my 2 feet. But I will (InshAllah).

Once I am done with paperback issues I will try to go work on my blog.

Btw. Even though I had given up. I still mustered up strength to send email invites to rest of the followers. So now we have covered whole last year. Yayyy!

It’s exhausting I swear. There must be between 700 to 1000 followers that I tried to reach and honestly I think I could only get to 40% of them. Final result is 19 new additions. So yea success rate is low after shitton of effort but I don’t regret it.

There’s a huge reason. BUSINESS ETHICS!

At a job I was told to do email marketing and there I learned how badly people have been exploiting this service. I will explain the whole thing in a separate post.

Bottomline, get proper permission from your subscribers.


Theres so much going on I’m in overdrive and its exhausting my brain. And I still keep feeling that I’m not doing enough.

And well what do I say about corona virus.

Image its impact at my home..

We have people from 3 countries living under one roof.

I just attended 3 events of a wedding and several diners.

So if one of us catches it..we are screwed.

I will probably make a full post on this too. Here the whole situation is being managed in such a way that only God can save us.

Today corona panick was in full swing as we Got to the the airline me and my sibling took to travel has suspended few flights and we were supposed to go back soon. So we were frantic and calling everywhere.

Then we have news..and our dad..

My dad has gotten obsessed by covid19. And it’s not good for him but he is not listening.

He starts hyperventilating and then we stop explaining.

I can only pray this pandemic is over soon. It sad depressing stressful all at the same time. I really hope it goes away really soon.

Besides that idk..

I havent ordered my proof copies yet as I dont know when and where I will be able to recieve it. If I have to travel and it reached home after I’m gone… dad’s not gonna be happy about my mental state.


I think I’m gonna fall asleep. Its 4 46 am. Yea my sleep cycle is fucked.

That’s all folks

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10 thoughts on “Avalanche of gibberish

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  1. Your blog quality has not gotten worse, your focus has just shifted. We are impacted by what happens to us daily and when things are in chaos, all we know to talk about is ourselves. It’s not self absorbed, it’s just that we can only tell our own stories, we cannot speak for others.
    If you can ever find a balance I am sure you will go back to writing the posts you seem more fond of. It’ just chaos now so…vent when you need to, your followers won’t abandon you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nothing wrong with a good rant. I consider it a purge of the mind and soul so that I can think more clearly. Whether anyone reads it or not is inconsequential and a happy bonus. It’s my therapy and it’s fairly cheap 😉

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