Poop Explosion

So aunt otter has started getting some sleep finally as mama otter is getting better.

Today she woke up at 2 PM and went to get her breakfast.

Yea breakfast at 2 pm..I know..

When she had wolfed down fruit bun, fried eggs with lots of salt and pepper and tea, she decided to go back to otters room.

And there she saw a disaster

A 360 degrees poop explosion on the bed!

Mama otter was storming in and out of bathroom with some cleaning stuff in her hands.

Aunt otter was utterly confused as she felt everything was in super slo-mo and she couldn’t hear anything, forget speaking.

Somewhere while processing, baby otter was shoved in her arms by mama otter, wrapped in her purple tower.

..hmm that’s new towel..

She still couldn’t hear mama who was still storming in and out of bathroom in rage, probably cussing.

As aunt’s hearing came back she could process mama screaming “I just washed her and i just i just i just..and in 1 second…”


So apparently baby had pooped and mama washed her and laid her on the bed for 1 second and went to get diaper, when baby suddenly decided to pull the pin of poop grenade and…you get the idea..

And aunt had just washed her changing mat so this acidic poop had seeped through bedsheet sinking in mattress, since they forgot there’s a thing called mattress cover especially for homes with babies.


Out of nowhere aunt’s laughter fit got triggered and she went deaf again. She laughed so hard she was in stitches (figuratively, mama is in real ones).

Then aunt said “objection milord! in defense of my innocent client, this should be noted by honourable court, that baby otter doesn’t know anything else besides pooping. This explosion was involuntary natural phenomenon which could not be avoided..”

But mama otter wouldn’t listen she was just shouting and storming around with cleaning products..

Aunt’s laughter was out of control.

And baby otter..she was just nestled in aunt’s armed, staring mom and wondering, what happened to her..

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15 thoughts on “Poop Explosion

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  1. Mine once had an explosion inside her onesie jammies and coat and when I took her out of her car seat….it was from the back of her hair down to her knees, all over the car seat. Only way it happened like that was KABOOM.

    Babies explode, this is one lesson they did not teach me.

    Hopefully auntie’s laughter has subsided. It’s not funny to the person cleaning it up after the first 2 hours of laughing 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg!! That’s a massive explosion.
      Besides feeding I take care of her everything from diapers to bath and all and she is been so cooperative. It was the 2bd time mama changed her and this happened lol.

      I think in her head I’m her toilet.

      Don’t worry I picked the baby and fled the scene before mama would throw something at us. 😜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know because I had two new grand babies last April. They do this all the time and for the Mom, who has severe sense of humor deprivation, it is not funny at all. Whereas other do and can find it hilarious.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember those days oh so long ago! It happened just as I put my son in the shopping cart at a grocery store. I was only going to run in for a second-well, I ran out. My son smelled like a toxic waste dump-I had left his diaper bag in the car. As a sleep-deprived new mom I had no idea. Tell your sister not to even think about looking away for a second-babies are sneaky (and can get really smelly really fast). Congratulations on being a new aunt.


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