Corona Chaos

I don’t know where to even begin.

From January??

Ok. In January I was working in Dubai and was commuting using public transport.

I started wearing a mask as we heard that could help. At that point I just heard mask and I took out my disposible masks I use for charcoal and pastels art. Now I don’t think it would have helped.

People were scared, but not this scared.

I saw a mildest form of xenophobia against east Asians. I don’t think it’s mild to people on the point of knife.

Then came traveling. In February dubai and Pakistan both were out of panick zone.

I attending a big fat Pakistani wedding where if you dont hug guests 3 times you probably hate them (only between same genders).

Then a baby came in family. So we were in and out of hospital a lot.

No panick!

Not even concern.

Things blew up last few days.

A large number of a particular sect entered Pakistan from Iran border and .. you wouldn’t believe.

They are in thousands. A lot of them entered through screening and were later tracked and tested. Only a small fraction was successfully tracked but what about people they have been interacting with?

And when screening started at the border, some influential geniuses decided it’s a brilliant idea to go and use thier influence to bring them without any test or they will be moved to quarantine.

Like..are you out of your mind?

As number of reported cases are shooting up, government has started taking serious measures. Which is good, finally.

Schools are closed. Wedding halls/venues and shut down as people were enjoying weddings in full swing.. and spreading illnesses in full swing too.

But public attitude is mixed to a mind boggling level.

Here nothing is short. Because nobody gives a f***!

Yea. My dad drove us crazy and told us to stock essentials for a few months. Just few like 3 to 4 as it’s heading towards a lockdown situations.

And no it’s not a truck load of toilet paper. People please be rational.

People are just roaming around like nothing has happened they are waiting for more reported cases I guess and they don’t fully understand what a pandemic is. As even my grandparents hasn’t seen anything like this in thier whole life.

Either people are panick and paranoid or they just don’t care.

I have a runny nose and bit of allergy situation. And then my baby niece sneezed and I was like…omg I got corona virus and I infected her as she is just 10 days old.

Last 2 days have been panick and chaos and cases in pakistan are rising real fast. On the other hand people are hardly going out in Dubai and actually stocking grocery and my friend told me, “well you come here now I dont know how will you survive as people are going crazy at stores.”

International cricketers who came to Pakistan for Pakistan Super League has left today.

I’m clueless about when is the right time to go back home. And that affects everything. My whole to do list has flown out of window.

I don’t know where to order my proof copies. I had to get some documents attested and everything is slowing down or shut down.

After 2 and a half months of extreme socializing (mostly out of necessity) I doubt my own health. I got anxious and ordered 4 cans of disinfectant spray. I just got 2 bottles few days back. We have sanitizer on 3 4 corners of home.

Now another problem. If you try to maintain a distance, people get cmon!! Don’t you know what’s going on?

In mosque today that person who leads the prayer announced people should stand close (that’s done usually to avoid gaps and save space) but religion doesnt want to kill you!! He could avoid it today or untill the time it’s here.

It’s a virus and it’s in the air and its spreading like wild fire people understand!

This drove dad to almost over the edge..just almost!

He is not well. The way general public is taking it lightly is boiling his blood. And he is not even wrong.

Well I can keep on going.

It’s scary and sad.

Just a message, please wash your hands often, dont touch your face. Stay clean. Avoid going out untill necessary. Avoid gatherings.

And take care of yourselves please.

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Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

50 thoughts on “Corona Chaos

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  1. Things have gotten crazy quite abruptly here, schools are shut down for 2 weeks, factories are closing, stores have no more stock to replenish…I hope it’s unwarranted mob panic as far as the doomsday prepping supply stuff and the ‘powers that be’ find a way to contain and treat for it.

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    1. it’s been so confusing overall nobody knows what to do and how to respond. hoarding is creating mass panic but people are thinking if this gets worse (as told by news) how are they going to survive without going out.

      i just hope things get better soon.
      take care of yourself and Spooks 🙂

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      1. Attempting to do just that. Ya know when a horror movies scares your kid less than reality, things have gotten very bad. 😦

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  2. Right now, the state I live in has a lot of pollen because of the pine trees and so people are sneezing, coughing, etc. Needless to say, people are paranoid and suspicious. Goodness if you should sneeze! I have told my students to not panic. Just take necessary and rational precaution- wash your hands, avoid large crowds, eat healthy to strengthen your immune system. I think that we need to be careful not to let the media frighten us. Hysteria doesn’t help anyone and I think the media encourages hysteria. By all means take precautions; at the same time, we all need to maintain balance and calm. Panicking won’t help any of us. God bless us all.

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    1. you are right. this exactly should be the approach. since i’m baby sitting an infant i am borderline paranoid. my hands are so badly cracked because of constant washing. But hygiene is one thing that can save us.
      Media has been confusing too. I’m trying to stay calm ..trying hard.
      problem is people here are living on 2 extremes. either they are going paranoid or they seem to be in denial and that’s scary. better safe than sorry.

      you have summed up everything really well. this comment should be a post 🙂

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      1. Thank you. I went to the grocery store today and all the toilet paper is off the shelves, pasta and pasta sauce, cereal, hand sanitizer is down to hardly nothing. In fact, the store had a sign limited how much shoppers can buy now. Some churches have canceled services; the school where I teach is going online. I do realize the gravity of this pandemic, however in my area there hasn’t been any confirmed cases of Coronavirus. I am glad for that and I do understand precautions but this is extreme. It is hurting our economy, as well.
        In the morning, I plan to post my opinions.
        Stay safe and I will be sure to remember you and your family in my prayers. God’s blessings to you and to everyone.

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      2. We all need each other, just as you’ve said. I am bothered by the push for social distancing, although I understand it from a contagion standpoint. However, we all need to be in contact with each other as a supportive community otherwise isolation can lead to all sorts of mental health issues, namely depression.

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      3. I understand and I agree. But maybe virtual connection can help right now. And making effort to stay connected by calls and messages. It cant replace human contact but right now I wouldn’t go for that risk.

        Hope these hard times and soon


  3. I’m sorry … our country is in complete lockdown. .. our pm announced it earlier. .. they keep on reminding as using dailtone… don’t we are in third stage or not… but our country just informed it earlier. .. ppl just counting each day.. stay home stay safe… it won’t spread in air but it spreads from droplets of sneezing… it’s pandemic. .. I think u might have read about it now…

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  4. The heaviness, it comes and goes. I take refuge in digging through the stats and latest developments, doing research so I can dispel misinformation for family and friends. We’re all in this together. Wishing you lighter days ahead. 🙂
    P.S: Feel free to drop a ‘hello’ by my blog.


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